By Matt Walsh: I wrote yesterday about the fierce backlash Mike Pence’s wife, Karen, is experiencing for getting a job teaching art at a private Christian school. Headline after headline has been published, screaming that Karen Pence is working for an “anti-LGBT” institution.

But, as I explained in my other piece, the school’s “anti-LGBT” policy is not only standard and inevitable for an authentic Christian school, but actually necessary in order for Christian schools to exist. The policy, which is not actually “anti-LGBT” but “pro-Christian morality,” simply requires that all students and teachers affirm Biblical teaching and Christian moral tradition. This includes, of course, matters of marriage and sexuality. The school doesn’t uniquely single out homosexuality, but neither does it exclude homosexuality from the list of sins that students and faculty of the school cannot openly accept or promote.

If you have a problem with this policy, you have a problem with Christian schools per se. That’s because Christian schools must obviously maintain a Christian culture and environment, and must govern themselves according to Christian principles, if they are to remain such. Many nominally Christian schools make no efforts of this kind, and very quickly they become glorified secular schools with no indication of a Christian bent other than the high tuition rates and the crucifix on the wall of the guidance counselor’s office. Christian schools that are actually Christian all have policies similar to those of Karen Pence’s new employer. So, again, if you hate the policy, you hate the fact of Christian schools. The Left, as we’ve seen, hates the fact of Christian schools. Really hates it. This should concern us.

It should not, however, suprise us. The writing has been on the wall for a while now. The Left has been arguing for years that “protected classes” have an absolute right to be free from discrimination of any kind. Pretty much any liberal you ask will affirm this notion. It is on this basis that the Christian photographer or baker or candlestick maker is forced by state governments and civil rights commissions to service gay weddings. A gay person denied a customized wedding cake is, according to the Left, a victim of a human rights abuse. What human right? The right to not be discriminated against, ever, anywhere, under any circumstance, in any form.

No such right actually exists, of course. It doesn’t exist in the Constitution and it doesn’t exist in natural law, which is where all true human rights originate. To discriminate is simply to make a distiction; to distinguish one thing from another or to choose one thing, or one person, over another. We all discriminate every day, all the time, as a standard function of living a human life in a human society. But if gays have a “right” to never be on the losing end of such distinctions, then this right obviously stretches far beyond any fight over marriage rights or definitions. If gays have a right to never be discriminated against, then why should schools and churches and even private individuals in their own homes be exempt?

The answer that Leftists have always had in mind but are still a bit shy about saying out loud is this: they shouldn’t. “Anti-gay” beliefs and teachings shouldn’t exist. Anywhere. In another few years, they will be openly announcing their plan to shut down churches and close Christian schools. For now they will settle for strongly implying it. We should start paying attention.

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