Parents advised to organize against CRT curricula now

A cultural issues writer says most of America’s public schools will soon incorporate “critical race theory” (CRT) in their curricula, if they haven’t already.

According to, school districts are paying thousands of taxpayer dollars to learn how to incorporate the racist CRT into lessons. Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute says diversity consultancy is becoming a booming business.

“There are so many organizations now that are providing resources and conferences and speakers to schools for this or for training their teachers, so many organizations you couldn’t even name them all because of money,” Higgins relays.

Free Beacon submits that that most of these businesses propagate racism rather than repress it, and that is why Higgins says parents need to be bold.

“If we don’t speak out now, the oppression that is going to fall on children and grandchildren is going to be worse than we’re experiencing now,” the writer warns. “If you don’t like the oppression, but you love your kids, just think what life’s going to look like for your kids if you say nothing now.”

She adds that parents and CRT opponents need to get organized, as there is strength in numbers.