URGENT: Indiana Senate hearing so called ‘Hate Crimes’ Bill Tomorrow!!

        The Indiana legislature is full of its ups and downs.  In December I was lead to believe that we had stopped a Dangerous “hate crime” bill that is a step toward “hate speech” and “thought crimes.”  That wasn’t true.

In many countries, including the United States, “hate” and “bias crime” laws have been used to punish or silence non-violent people who were simply expressing religious or traditional values.  In America we were founded upon a fundamental right of free speech and religion.  People in the US are punished for what they do, not for what they say or believe.

Unfortunately, Senate Bill 418, a bias-crime law, is going to get a committee hearing tomorrow morning (Tuesday January 23rd) and probably a vote.

This is a media-driven bill.  Hate crimes were less than 0.0004% of all the crimes committed in Indiana in 2016.  There is no evidence that these few crimes are not already being adequately prosecuted and sentenced in Indiana.  SB 418 is not needed.

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Medical Marijuana Linked to Teen Pot Use

Several states, including Indiana, are being asked to consider medical marijuana by advocates of cannabis use.  Medical Marijuana is not the same as medicines based upon compounds in the plant that may have proven health benefits.  The US Food and Drug Administration has approved some of these medicines already through the standard route other drugs take.    Medical marijuana is different in that it allows the smoking or ingestion of marijuana including the properties that make people “hight.”   The following article by a physician and addictions expert points out that medical marijuana is not necessary and it has been responsible for an increase in teen pot use.  Read more

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