Medical Marijuana Linked to Teen Pot Use

Several states, including Indiana, are being asked to consider medical marijuana by advocates of cannabis use.  Medical Marijuana is not the same as medicines based upon compounds in the plant that may have proven health benefits.  The US Food and Drug Administration has approved some of these medicines already through the standard route other drugs take.    Medical marijuana is different in that it allows the smoking or ingestion of marijuana including the properties that make people “hight.”   The following article by a physician and addictions expert points out that medical marijuana is not necessary and it has been responsible for an increase in teen pot use.  Read more

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Truth about Russia’s Election Facebook Ads

Russia - Facebook

So the Mainstream Media has been running with the “Russia flipped election with Facebook Ads” story for a while now. Anyone who has run Facebook Ads (as we have) knows that that there is NO WAY the money reportedly spent could equal the outcome the media is proposing. (media’s tech reporters should have known that fact) NOW the real numbers are out from Facebook’s testimony before Congress and the claim is even more ridiculous!

With just a little REAL reporting the media would have realized how silly this narrative was and they should be embarrassed that they ever ran with this story!

Here are the numbers => Trump and Clinton spent $81M on US election Facebook ads, Russian agency $46K