Psychology as Indoctrination: Girls Rule, Boys Drool?

Psychology as Indoctrination: Girls Rule, Boys Drool?The anthropologist Margaret Mead famously quipped that a fundamental challenge for any culture is what to do with the young men. Without guidance, young men can become violent and destructive. In every society of which we have substantial knowledge, men are more likely than women to commit violent crimes. This male/female disparity appears to hold not only across all known human cultures but across the primate order as well. Male … Read More

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They are Coming…

“The Left spent much of last week attacking Karen Pence because she got a job at a Christian school that follows Christian teaching. By the end of the week, #ExposeChristianSchools was trending on Twitter. Then, on Saturday, a false narrative was quickly constructed claiming that a group of students from a Catholic school harassed and taunted a Native American man. I do not think that these events came together coincidentally…The … Read More

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Karen Pence Now, the Church Next?

By Matt Walsh: I wrote yesterday about the fierce backlash Mike Pence’s wife, Karen, is experiencing for getting a job teaching art at a private Christian school. Headline after headline has been published, screaming that Karen Pence is working for an “anti-LGBT” institution.

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New Poll Shows Most Americans Support Abortion Bans After The First Trimester

A Marist poll released this morning shows that Americans’ attitudes on abortion are nowhere near as extreme as radical pro-choicers make them out to be. This is obviously good news for political discourse and the sanctity of human life, although likely vexing for members of the #ShoutYourAbortion groups that are hellbent on releasing cutesy coffee table books on the matter.

For the last 11 years, the Marist Institute for Public … Read More

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Democrats ‘Party’ with Lobbyists in Puerto Rico while ‘The People’ await action on the Wall!

Some 30 Democratic lawmakers left the government shutdown behind Friday on a chartered flight to Puerto Rico for a winter retreat with 109 lobbyists and corporate executives during which they planned to see the hit Broadway show “Hamilton” and attend three parties including one with the show’s cast.

Those attending the Congressional Hispanic Caucus BOLD PAC winter retreat in San Juan planned to meet with key officials to discuss the … Read More

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