Don’t Be Duped by Cultural Marxism

Virtually anyone over the age of 25 today has heard of Karl Marx and Marxism, though many remain ignorant of Marx’s history and the subsequent cultural ideology that emerged from aspects of his economic theories.

Karl Marx was the grandson of a Jewish rabbi, but his father converted to Lutheranism to escape the antisemitism endemic in Germany, and Karl and siblings were baptized in a Lutheran church in 1824.

Karl Marx’s father died in 1838, leaving the family in dire financial straits.

Like so many young people today, Marx became enamored with radicals at the University of Berlin, and in 1844 at the age of 26, Marx met the German socialist, Friedrich Engels, which sparked a friendship and collaboration.

Marx is perhaps most famous for describing religion as “the opiate of the masses.” – Read More

AFA-IN: Restoring the Voice of the Family


Understanding One of America’s Premiere Pro-Family Advocates

“You’re the group that got 800 people at our city council to stop a strip club.”  “You’re the group that fights for religious freedom.” “AFA’s the one that helped pass the In God We Trust license plate.”  “You’re part of that lawsuit against those city ordinances.” “You stood up for traditional marriage at the legislature.” “I saw you speaking on the news.” 

 All these things, and much more, can be said of the American Family Association of Indiana, but who are we really?  As passionate as we still are about so many issues, after nearly 25 years of battles, we are not defined by any one event or issue.   We much prefer to be defined by our mission to restore the value and the voice of the traditional family in Indiana.

Our official mission statement is: “The mission of the American Family Association of Indiana is to educate and activate Hoosiers to preserve the traditional moral foundations of American culture by advocating for these values in the home and public square.”  At our core, this is the essence of your AFA-IN. 

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Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent – New AFA Animated Series for Kids

“It’s better to light a candle than curse the darkness.”

It’s an old saying, but one that AFA has tried to live by. That’s why I’m excited to tell you about an exciting new project from AFA that will punch some holes in the spiritual and moral darkness that shrouds our land.

American Family Studios wants you to meet the secret agent your kids (and grandkids) are going to love…Ryan Defrates

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