Our Mission

The mission of the American Family Association of Indiana is to educate and activate Hoosiers to preserve the traditional moral foundations of American culture by advocating for these values in the home and public square.

Our Vision

Preserving the Value and the Voice of the Traditional
Family in Indiana

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Action Statements:

  • AFA of Indiana acts to defend the timeless values and principles which best allow families, churches, schools and businesses to thrive in Indiana.
  • AFA of Indiana acts to encourage people of faith and virtue to fulfill their civic duties as voices in the government, media, and culture.
  • AFA of Indiana acts to promote what is true, right and good for society, families and the institutions that sustain a healthy culture.
  • AFA of Indiana acts to promote truth and expose lies that harm Hoosiers.
  • AFA of Indiana acts to educate Hoosiers on the issues of the day that impact their families, influence their government, undermine moral uprightness, or threaten their cherished institutions.

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