A Sign of the Times? Pastor Greg Laurie Forced to Remove Billboards Featuring the Bible

(By Emily Jones, CBN) Evangelist Greg Laurie has been forced to take down a series of billboards depicting him holding a Bible, advertising his upcoming “Harvest” outreach. The ads had been posted at a popular mall in Southern California.

Laurie and Harvest Crusade contracted Irvine Company, a real estate company in Southern California, to advertise the upcoming SoCal Harvest. The event will be held August 17-19 at Angel Stadium and is expected to draw tens of thousands of people. The company agreed to post large billboards promoting the crusade at Fashion Island, a prestigious outdoor mall in the center of Orange County.

However, after claiming the religious imagery on the ads provoked multiple complaints, including a “serious threat,” the Irvine Company reportedly mandated the billboards be modified. Harvest complied with the request and resubmitted new ad artwork without the image of the Bible. Ultimately, however, the changes were not enough to resolve the situation as the Irvine Company decided to completely remove all the advertisements and billboards for the crusade.

“There was nothing overtly religious about it,” John Collins, Harvest Executive Director told CBN News.

The Bible depicted in Laurie’s hand did not have a cross, religious symbols, or even the word “Bible” on it. Read More →

The following article was written by our friend Peter Heck

In a famous 1926 essay detailing the lamentable revolt modern man was making against the realities of God’s natural and moral order, famous philosopher and theologian G.K. Chesterton observed how utterly chaotic and foolishly untethered society was becoming.

For instance, while the Declaration of Independence affirmed in 1776 the existence of self-evident truth (truth that was true whether you liked it, knew it, wanted it or not), modern man was rejecting it. Chesterton quipped,

“So far from it being self-evident to the modern [mind] that men are created equal, it is not self-evident that men are created, or even that men are men. They are sometimes supposed to be monkeys muddling through a transition stage before the Superman.”

Given that the infamous Scopes Monkey Trial had occurred the year before, it is hardly surprising that Chesterton would bring up that particular example of man’s arrogant ignorance in purporting to have intellectually surpassed the revelations of his divine Creator.

But it makes me wonder what Chesterton would think now that we live in an era where men are given lifetime courage awards for dressing up like women, where sexual attractions are considered fixed biological realities but biological sexual organs are considered a social construct, where official documents offer up to 50 different gender identities?

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Franklin on Republic

At the conclusion of the Constitutional Convention. a woman approached Benjamin Franklin and asked, Well, Doctor… what have we a got, a republic or a monarchy? Franklin replied, A republic. If you can keep it. Library of Congress. 73.