The American Family Association of Indiana is the state’s premiere decency organization. We believe in personal and civic responsibility, which requires society to protect children and families from destructive messages and harmful behaviors. AFA-IN has been a voice for Hoosier families and a defender of the values and institutions that sustain them since 1993. AFA-IN is often heard defending your values in various media outlets and in the halls of government.

AFA of Indiana is a non-profit, non-partisan, educational organization designated as a 501 (c) 3 tax-deductible entity by the IRS. Although governed by a separate and local Board of Directors and funded by the individual donations of Hoosiers across Indiana, we are the state affiliate of the national AFA based in Tupelo, MS.

What Others Are Saying About AFA of Indiana

“It is truly a privilege working with the American Family Association. I have cherished my relationship with them for many years and I consider them to be a true leader in family values. The organization is comprised of level-headed and diligent members, and I could not agree more with their message. It is my hope that more organizations will follow their lead and make family and faith a priority. It is easy to lose focus of the important things in life, and we’re all lucky to be affiliated with such an outstanding organization.”
– State Representative Woody Burton

“Now is the time to support the American Family Association of Indiana. I have known and worked with Micah Clark for over a decade, and I can tell you that you’re standing behind a pro-family, pro-life leader who is very effective in any political climate regardless of who is in power in Washington or Indianapolis.”
– Indiana Congressman Mike Pence

“Micah Clark is not only a dear friend, but also a much needed voice for cultural conservatism in the State of Indiana. Under his leadership, AFA has made the pro-family movement in Indiana stronger.”
– State Senator Mike Delph

“Not only is Micah Clark one of the most effective voices for our Christian/Conservative values in Indiana but he also has a marvelous kind way doing it. This is crucial or we will be deemed zealots and extremists by the liberals. Micah’s generosity of spirit precludes that and makes our message palatable. In truth, it is this manner that likely wins us more converts than anything else.”
Keep up the Great Work with AFA of Indiana!”
– Gary A. Hofmeister, business & political leader, former congressional candidate

“We at ADF greatly appreciate all you do at AFA of Indiana in support of marriage. You are playing a crucial role in moving an Indiana marriage amendment back into play.”
– Glen Lavy, Senior Vice President and Senior Counsel, Alliance Defense Fund

“I’ve worked with Micah Clark over the years, and have come to value his faithful service to the Pro Family community here in Indiana. Micah’s tireless efforts and servant heart is what allows the Indiana American Family Association to be a force for good in our state. Thanks for all that you do, and for the work of AFA of Indiana.”
David Lantz, Indiana Christian Coalition State Director, 1992 – 1995