Part of the American Family Association of Indiana’s mission statement is that we “educate and activate” Hoosiers.   One of the ways we try to educate is through policy papers we call “Fact Sheets.”   AFA-IN Fact Sheets are a more in-depth look at a topic.

We understand that while people have access to more information than ever before in the internet age, this can also be overwhelming.  A one-page (occasionally front and back) item on a single subject, can inform in a few minutes time, without overwhelming the reader.  These sheets are meant to be educational, persuasive resources to read, cite, copy, or pass along to others.

We hope these Fact Sheets on more than two dozen topics are a helpful resource for you, your family, small groups, students, or your church.

Our Newest Factsheets-Click on topic below to view the factsheet:

Parenting Styles & Mental Health: Parental Political Ideology is a Strong Predictor of Youth Mental Health

Anti-Social Behaviors: Psychosis has more to do with Family Make-up than Poverty

5 Flaws in theTransgender Ideology

Going Green: Marijuana’s Many Problems

The Media and Your Emotions

Porn: Not just harmless entertainment

It’s Society’s Fault – LGBT Risks

Our Other Factsheets: Click on other topics below to view the factsheet:

What is Political Conservatism?

Understanding Liberty

How is the Bible doing in America?

You Still Go to Church? Benefits of Faith

They Cannot All be True?

America’s Disappearing Dads

Are People Born Gay?

Children and War on Gender

Is that a Boy or a Girl? Talking to your Kids in this new World.

Did America Create Slavery?

Let’s Just Live together

The Dangers of ‘Pride’

How to Make a Difference

When You Should Say Something

Rights of Religious Students

The Question that Matters Most

Gay Theology

Social Justice Warriors

Who’s the Victim Now?

Why Marriages Matter

What is AFA of Indiana?

Marijuana Briefing

Marijuana and Opioids

Social Cost of Marijuana

Is Marijuana a Wonder Drug?

Truth about Medical Marijuana