Cancel Culture Has Come for Us

When I got to the AFA-IN office this morning, my office manager informed me that our credit card processing company had closed our account saying that we had violated their “content standards.”  They outrageously claimed that we engage in “unlawful violence.”

This is where we are now. Conservative ideas are violence, while attacking police and burning businesses in Portland are peaceful protests.   

First, Facebook blocked us before the election. Now, the corporate left is going after us financially.   Where is the tolerance and diversity they claim to support?   The American Family Association of Indiana is a peaceful, law-abiding, ministry of words and valid ideas. 

This comes at a time when up to 25% of our annual budget will come in the next two or three weeks, much of that comes through credit card gifts.  We are scrambling to rectify this attack, but for now, a check is the best way to donate to us. 

Going after our banking ability is how the left goes after gun companies, and it is how they try to harm Israel through the BDS (boycott, disinvest, sanction) movement. However, they will not succeed in silencing us! (Our Donation Page is open with another credit card processor, we will be making a permanent switch to a Liberty honoring service in the near future)

Micah Clark
Executive Director