Outrageous Indiana Undercover Video

A new undercover video has caught several Indiana public school administrators admitting that they are lying to and deceiving parents about the 1619 Project, Critical Race Theory, the LGBT agenda, and even gender-neutral bathrooms in schools!   Included in this video are leaders from Carmel, Elkhart, Goshen, Martinsville, Plainfield, and Bloomington.   Where else is this deception going on?

I know everyone says, “You gotta see this.”   But in this case you do. . . and so does your State Legislator.  If you personally know your State Representative or State Senator please send this to them.  One of these administrators mentions a CRT bill that was filed this session.  So these clips are recent. 

Please take a couple of minutes to watch this.  Then share it (politely) as you deem helpful.

Play Video about Caught on Tape