A new study finds 39% of students said they’re praying more often (38% of high school students and 39% of post-secondary students), and 28% said they’re thinking about spiritual issues more often (24% of high school students and 31% of post-secondary students) during the coronavirus crisis.

The new poll commissioned by Young America’s Foundation (YAF) in partnership with The Federalist reveals the impact coronavirus has had on the everyday lives of today’s high school and post-secondary students. 

“I think young people often think about the big questions in life as they come of age and seek to find a purpose and a place in this world,” Spencer Brown, a spokesman for YAF, told Just the News. “When their futures are upended, like nearly half of the post-secondary students have been as shown in our poll, they seek solace and guidance — spiritual fulfillment is one such place they look. That said, there’s an unfortunate trend where, once things are good and lives are busy again, people are less likely to continue those spiritual practices. And, as this poll shows, Gen Z students prioritize things like exercise and saving money over going to church or being spiritual, so unfortunately that increase doesn’t seem likely to carry beyond our current crisis.” – More –