Last week, the Senate passed strong parental rights and student privacy language in House Bill 1004

         HB 1004 is a school safety bill.  It is one of several bills and amendments this session concerning mental health screening of students in Indiana.  It also concerns referrals to outside mental health counselors or agencies.   

         When a school gets involved in these non-academic matters, parents need to know and give their consent to these mental health matters. The Kruse language added to this bill comprehensively protects parental rights and student privacy. 

HB 1004 needs to be approved by the House as is – with no changes.

        Regardless of what one thinks of these non-academic efforts, many schools are already involved in these programs.  After this session, more schools will be doing these screenings, tracking and referrals.   That is why HB 1004 needs to be passed as is, with no changes.   A change to HB 1004 now is an attack upon the fundamental rights of parents to be involved in their child’s school life.

       Parents need to know of, and give their consent to, any psychological testing of their child in school. No child should be labeled with a mental health problem without the full knowledge and involvement of that child’s parent or parents.

 It is important to remember that nothing in House Bill 1004 prevents a teacher from continuing to be able to talk with a student about problems they are facing, including very serious issues like suicidal thoughts.

       Please call your State Representative and ask them to support HB 1004 as is,with its strong parental rights and student privacy protection language. 

       Call your State Representative at: 317-232-9600    

You can find your legislator here: