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Indiana State House Update

On Wednesday morning, the Indiana House Education Committee will hold a hearing on Senate Bill 132, which requires Indiana high school students to take the same basic civics test that we require of all new citizens.   This bill is not burdensome to schools, and it is not a partisan test.

What SB 132 does is reinforce the reality that if something is not tested, it is usually deemed unimportant, and thus forgotten.  Yet, shouldn’t Hoosier high school graduates be able to know: What are the three branches of government?Who was our first president?  Who fought in the civil war?  Which branch of government makes laws?  What rights does the First Amendment protect?    These are just a few of the basic questions all Americans in a free society should know, where “we the people” choose our leaders, and play a vital role in good government.

You have probably seen the man on the street interviews where people are asked on the Fourth of July, “from whom did we declare our Independence?”  Those interviews reveal a disturbing lack of basic civics knowledge to the point that they have become comedy segments on some of the cable news shows.  Yet, such ignorance is not that funny when you stop to wonder how many of those folks are voting at election time or giving their opinions to politicians and pollsters.   

 Please call your Indiana House member and ask him/her to support Senate Bill 132 at 317-232-9600.   

You can find your state representative here: