Last week, Senate Bill 203 passed out of the same Senate committee on a strong 8-1 vote.  This is a bill that modifies our feticide law, which allows a prosecutor to punish a person for killing an unborn child in a criminal act against a pregnant mother.   The bill expands this to remove the current application to a baby that is 20 weeks or older in gestational age.  Now a prosecutor can seek a charge if a mother loses her baby that is less than 20 weeks along.   Although the bill excludes abortion, advocates of that procedure do not like SB 203 because, as one young lady testified, “It humanizes the fetus.”    I expect this bill to easily pass the Senate this week.

The bill has eight strong pro-life co-authors. They are Sen. Aaron Freeman, (lead author), Sen. Erin Houchin, Sen. Eric Koch, Sen. John Crane, Sen. Jean Leising, Sen. Jack Sandlin, Sen. Jim Tomes and Sen. Michael Young.

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