Understanding One of America’s Premiere Pro-Family Advocates

“You’re the group that got 800 people at our city council to stop a strip club.”  “You’re the group that fights for religious freedom.” “AFA’s the one that helped pass the In God We Trust license plate.”  “You’re part of that lawsuit against those city ordinances.” “You stood up for traditional marriage at the legislature.” “I saw you speaking on the news.” 

 All these things, and much more, can be said of the American Family Association of Indiana, but who are we really?  As passionate as we still are about so many issues, after nearly 25 years of battles, we are not defined by any one event or issue.   We much prefer to be defined by our mission to restore the value and the voice of the traditional family in Indiana.

Our official mission statement is: “The mission of the American Family Association of Indiana is to educate and activate Hoosiers to preserve the traditional moral foundations of American culture by advocating for these values in the home and public square.”  At our core, this is the essence of your AFA-IN. 

What does this mission mean in practice?  Put into action, here is what you should expect of us:

  AFA of Indiana acts to defend the timeless values and principles which best allow families, churches, schools and businesses to thrive in Indiana.

  AFA of Indiana acts to encourage people of faith and virtue to fulfill their civic duties as voices in the government, media and culture. 

AFA of Indiana acts to promote what is true, right and good for society, Hoosier families, and the institutions that sustain a healthy culture.

  AFA of Indiana acts to promote truth and expose lies that harm Hoosiers.

  AFA of Indiana acts to educate Hoosiers on the issues of the day that impact their families, influence their government, undermine moral uprightness, or threaten their cherished institutions.

Our mission and our action steps do not change with the culture, with who holds office, with the top TV shows, with cultural interests or with public opinion polling.  We stand for time-tested truths and principles that are as lasting as human nature and ‘nature’s God,’ as some of America’s founders used to say.  We want what is best for Indiana and what has long been understood as best policies for humanity through morally ordered liberty allowing every Hoosier to thrive and excel. 

At this point, critics in our postmodern society would ask “Who defines best policies, morality or truths?”   The principles of  faith, family, liberty, limited government, and moral order were widely accepted for nearly 200 years of America’s existence.  These principles have mountains of research showing their societal benefits. They have been clearly espoused by AFA-IN since our founding in 1993.  

People still know down deep that an unborn child has value, children do best with a faithful, married mom and a dad, government is big and often burdensome,  porn dehumanizes women, gender differences are by God’s design, and they know that religious freedom was a key basis of America’s founding. 

It is our desire and vision for AFA-IN to be the voice for families like the old EF Hutton commercials. “When AFA speaks, people listen.”  We are striving to restore the value and virtue of the family in the public square once again. We believe this is necessary and with your support and prayers, we believe it is possible.