Even though most Americans might believe that President Donald Trump is far too busy to read a note from them, one Christian’s story may work to change their minds.

Few people know that the president takes time every day in the Oval Office to pray – a fact that Tracy Bost found out in an amazing way.

Shortly after the 2016 presidential election Bost went to a conference that the newly elected president was attending.

“There was so much chaos outside the retreat center where the president was – the newly elected president,” the devoted Christian shared. “There were 600 rioters, and it was just awful.”

Then a thought occurred to her.

“We prayed as Christians that God would change the election, that God would open up a door for someone else to be elected – someone that He chose above all else,” Bost recounted.

That person in such a influential leadership role deserves our prayers, the prayer warrior thought. So Bost started a campaign to put prayers on 3×5 cards and send them to the White House via her husband, congressman, Mike Bost of Illinois to the White House.

She thought that was the end of that … until …

“My husband got the opportunity to be with the signing of the energy bill in the Oval Office, and when they introduced their names, Mike’s name was called,” Bost recalled. “The president instantly put together Mike Bost, Illinois, wife, prayer cards.”

She was even more surprised as what was said next.

“And he said they’re right over there on the shelf, and they brought in the original bag,” Bost continued. “And he said we use these every day, and he said, ‘We look forward to it.’ And he said, ‘These are such a blessing.’”

Then it was divulged that Trump’s devout Christian running mate, Vice President Mike Pence, was also regularly involved in using the prayer cards.

“He said, ‘Vice President Pence came right up to me and said he really does … We really do use this every day – sometimes more than once a day – depends on the day.”

Today, Bost is extending Christians the opportunity to get their prayer into the president’s hands through FrontLine Family MinistriesEncourage Prayer webpage.

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