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Trump’s SCOTUS Pick Advisor Confident We Will Get Another Gorsuch

Conservatives have much to hope for in President Trump choosing another Gorsuch for the Supreme Court, says Leonard Leo, who served as an outside advisor to Trump on judicial nominations in 2017. Leonard Leo spear-headed the effort to bring the Gorsuch nomination. Also, in response to question 26 in the Senate’s 68-page questionnaire, Gorsuch said that Leo was the first to approach him for the position.

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Pro-Life Civil War Explodes in Indiana

This may be one of the most controversial posts that I write this year.  It won’t add any friends to my address book. After much thought, and several questions about this situation, I feel compelled to address a serious problem even though I write this with some angst and sadness.

I try to use these weekly emails to provide some commentary, but it is usually surrounding research, polling, or objective … Read More

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Rejoice: The New Secretary Of State Is Pro-Life

Upset over the departure of Rex Tillerson from his position as President Trump’s Secretary of State? Well, don’t be. The ExxonMobil CEO who oversaw donations to abortion conglomerate Planned Parenthood will be replaced by the pro-life CIA Director Mike Pompeo. President Trump […]

According to LifeNews, pro-lifers should rejoice over Pompeo being chosen to replace Tillerson. As a former congressman from Kansas, Pompeo has a “long record of supporting

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And There’s More! A Victory for Life

         Last week, Senate Bill 203 passed out of the same Senate committee on a strong 8-1 vote.  This is a bill that modifies our feticide law, which allows a prosecutor to punish a person for killing an unborn child in a criminal act against a pregnant mother.   The bill expands this to remove the current application to a baby that is 20 weeks or older in gestational age.  Now a … Read More

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