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Evangelist Forced to Remove Billboards Featuring the Bible

(By Emily Jones, CBN) Evangelist Greg Laurie has been forced to take down a series of billboards depicting him holding a Bible, advertising his upcoming “Harvest” outreach. The ads had been posted at a popular mall in Southern California.

Laurie and Harvest Crusade contracted Irvine Company, a real estate company in Southern California, to advertise the upcoming SoCal Harvest. The event will be held August 17-19 at Angel Stadium … Read More

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Facebook facing more allegations of anti-conservative bias

Conservative groups and individuals are noticing that the reach on their Facebook pages has dropped dramatically in the last couple months – and some are saying it’s not by accident.

Twice in one week last month, Pastor Rich Penkoski had videos from his “Warriors for Christ” Facebook page removed from public view within seconds of him posting them.

“However, if you go into the video section, [which I can do]

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Waging Secular Jihad against Prayer and Guns

Immediately following the massacre of 14 people in San Bernardino, Calif. on Wednesday by a Muslim terrorist couple, progressives unleashed a torrent of contempt for prayer in response to God-centered tweets from Republican presidential candidates.

The once-conservative tabloid New York Daily News ran a cover piece titled “God Isn’t Fixing This,” festooned with photos of the candidates and their tweets asking for prayer for the victims and their families. Read … Read More

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AFA of Indiana Launches Indiana Family Forum Podcast

While the written word is a great way to communicate sometimes the complex issues we deal with are better explained in a verbal format, so today I am excited to announce that we have launch Indiana Family Forum (IFF).  IFF will be a podcast in which we bring you the news makers of the day on subjects that affect Hoosier families.  Our first 2 podcasts are up.… Read More

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Indiana Congressman Should Immediately Apologize for His Irresponsible Allegations

Indiana 7th District Congressman Andre Carson‘s office has confirmed that at a recent town hall meeting the Indianapolis Congressman told an audience that the TEA Party and some members of Congress would like to see people hanging from trees, in a clear reference to racial lynch mobs.

“Rep. Carson is a rankiing member of the Congressiobal Black Caucus.  He knows exactly how inciteful such accusations and imagery is to Read More

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