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7 Arguments For Legalizing Marijuana That No One Should Believe

The move to legalize marijuana is gaining steam in the United States. Although we are still far from full legalization, public opinion has been shifting. An October 2018 poll conducted by the Pew Research Center found that 62 percent of Americans support marijuana legalization.

In the midst of the rush to legalize, defenders of pot legalization have made a variety of arguments. These arguments are often taken for granted and … Read More

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Happy Mother’s Day

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ALERT – Protect Parental Rights – House Should Pass HB 1004 As Is

         Last week, the Senate passed strong parental rights and student privacy language in House Bill 1004

         HB 1004 is a school safety bill.  It is one of several bills and amendments this session concerning mental health screening of students in Indiana.  It also concerns referrals to outside mental health counselors or agencies.   

         When a school gets involved in these non-academic matters, parents need to know and give their consent to these … Read More

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State House Update – April 12, 2019

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Good News from the State House!

We have some good news on 3 important bills before the Indiana General Assembly.

First of all, the Civics Bill that we have supported for several years was not really watered down, like some headlines implied.   Senate Bill 132 changed the basic civics and history test required of new citizens from a graduation test to a test required to pass high school government, but that class is required to graduateRead More

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