I sent out an alert last Thursday asking you to call US Rep. Jackie Walorski’s office to ask why we were hearing reports of her having a role in killing the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which she had supported and co-authored a year ago.

As you may have been able to gather from my note, I have known Jackie for many years and worked closely with her in the Indiana legislature.  She was one of the most vocal and reliable pro-family voices in the entire State House.  So I was stunned to hear that she may have worked with a group of RINO’s to defeat such an important bill.   To make matters worse, reports to that end were coming from all directions while Rep. Walorski appeared to be virtually silent or had responses that were inadequate or confusing.

I have spoken with her office many times about this in the last week.  Here is their explanation, which I want to share with you because it is likely that you have not heard this in the media.

“Rep. Walorski had a concern about language that could potentially conflict with all of the Military Sexual Assault legislation that had previously passed. She has always and will always be a supporter of HR 36, the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. She went on the record immediately with House Leadership that she is a “Yes” vote on the bill, but did want Leadership to understand her concern with trying to avoid language conflict with other bills. She never lobbied to delay or kill the bill with anyone. As others were speaking to media, against the policy of the bill, or lobbying other members, Jackie was maintaining her vote for the bill with Leadership and even went on the record on her Facebook page so people would see that the media reporting was incorrect.Leadership approached her about possibly making the bill even more conservative, which she supported.

Ultimately, Leadership pulled the bill and inserted the ban on tax-supported abortions. National media lumped her in with all of the other people that were against the policy. Jackie has never been and is not against the policy of the bill. She has been in favor of the bill, is on record in favor of the bill and is working to bring it back to the floor.”

It is terribly disappointing for this important legislation to have been pulled from consideration when it not only polls very well.  Over 70% of women oppose late term abortions.  More importantly, some estimates claim that this bill could save the lives of 1,800 unborn babies each year.  

It is also frustrating that a group of moderates were apparently able to sow confusion around this bill and cause it to lose the votes needed for passage.  Additionally, it is unfortunate that a Hoosier Congresswoman with a 100% pro-life record got caught up in, or lumped in, with that group.  My hope is that through this, Rep. Walorski can work out her language concerns with leadership, put her name back on the bill, bring together the votes needed, and have it brought back for passage on the House floor.   We will have to wait and see if these things occur.

While we wait, there is some talk of this bill being considered in the US Senate, passed, and sent to the House for a vote.  If that happens, I will expect Rep. Walorski to vote for that bill.