Breaking News from State House: Going From Protecting, to Attacking Parental Rights!

         As I mentioned in an alert email on Monday, we are watching House Bill 1004 in regard to mental health screenings in schools and database concerns.  On Monday, the House author, Rep. Wendy McNamara, filed a dissent motion, indicating that she either did not agree with the Senate-passed version and/or wanted to make changes to the legislation.  

        Moments ago, select members of the House and Senate meet in a “Conference Committee” to discuss changes to the bill.  Right out of the box, Rep. McNamara announced that it is her intent to remove all of the positive parental rights and database privacy language that the Senate approved. She wants to return the bill to its original House language.

         This initial hearing is not the end of the story.  Both the House and Senate have to agree to this change before four members of the committee can sign the committee report.   Call Rep. McNamara today, and ask her to keep the parental rights language in HB 1004. Call Her NOW at: 317-232-9816