Below is AFA of Indiana Executive Director Micah Clark’s statement on today’s Supreme Court ruling on marriage:

The US Supreme Court attempted to deny the biological truth of a baby forty years ago in Roe v. Wade. They failed. Today, they also failed in attempting to deny the biological truth of marriage. Forty years from now people will still know that children need a mom and a dad. Because of our complimentary and unique biological gender differences, marriage is the special, timeless, union of a man and a woman. No court in the world can rewrite this reality designed by God in the beginning. Marriage is not simply the affirmation of the desires of a vocal few asking a court to create a new normal.

We are disappointed that the court chose not to allow the people or the states to decide this matter. Five justices on the Supreme court forced a new definition of marriage upon all of America. They did this even though 51 million Americans have voted to keep marriage just as it has been around the globe, in diverse cultures, for thousands of years.

This sweeping decision will cause division for decades to come. Even worse, it will harm the freedoms of conscience and religion of millions of Americans who still believe the truth about marriage as the special union of a man and a woman which best serves the needs of children and society.

This act by the court will devalue marriage. If marriage can mean anything, it ultimately means nothing. When marriage loses its’ meaning, society and children suffer. When children suffer, government expands. When government expands, liberty contracts. This is not a good day for the future of America.