At AFA of Indiana we hear a lot from parents worried about dangerous or immoral ideas and political agendas being promoted to children under the guise of diversity, health, or sex education.  Often a parent learns that their child was exposed to a film, an Internet video, a guest speaker, or material that was inappropriate or out of bounds only after the incident occurs in class.

Indiana law allows parents to opt their child out of sex education classes.

Recently, AFA of Indiana and other pro-family groups worked to successfully pass legislation in the Indiana General Assembly giving parents better information about what is being taught to their child before it happens, in any class, if it involves certain subjects.   Public Law 154 goes into effect on July 1st.

As a part of this effort, one of the nation’s foremost religious liberty law firms, the Liberty Counsel, has sent a letter to every Indiana public school Superintendent.  This letter informs them that if parental desires are not respected in this area, they will represent parents in court to protect their rights and their child.

You can read or print out this letter here:

The Liberty Counsel has also created a universal Opt-Out / Non-consent Form for Hoosier parents wanting to protect their children, that you can read, sign, and take to your school.  (We recommend keeping a signed copy for your filesYou are free to give your school principal a copy of the Liberty Counsel letter as well. )

You can read or print out this opt-out / non-consent form here:

If your school does not follow your wishes, after turning in the enclosed opt-out form, please let AFA of Indiana know as we work with Liberty Counsel attorneys to protect Hoosier families.

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