Kokomo May Punish YOU for Your Beliefs

        The Kokomo mayor and many on the council appear to want to pass a coercive law to force people who willingly serve everyone to participate in events that conflict with their beliefs under a so-called “anti-discrimination” ordinance. 

        Under the misnomer of “civil rights” Ordinance # 6820 singles out and punishes people on the basis of their peaceably held beliefs.  This ordinance is dangerous, coercive and a threat to 1st Amendment freedoms.   You don’t “fix” an alleged discrimination problem for a few people by discriminating against thousands of others.  

         This ordinance is not needed.  It will only serve to divide the city.   While there is little to no evidence of the mistreatment of people involved in homosexual behaviors, there is growing evidence of hostility toward people of faith.   This ordinance hijacks “civil rights” language to give privileges to the politically correct while taking away the freedom of speech and conscience from people disfavored by Mayor Goodnight and liberal activists.   It could fine people and business owners $2,000 each day that they abide by their beliefs. 

          The council will be meeting Monday March 14th at 6 pm in the City Hall for a final vote on this unnecessary ordinance.  

         You can contact and email council members with your opinion of this proposed ordinance herehttp://www.cityofkokomo.org/departments/common_council/council_members.php