Are you here because you have seen one of our “other woman” billboards?

No matter why you are here, you’re not alone.

Perhaps you came to this link because you are tired of your hidden secret and don’t know where else to turn.

Perhaps you’ve just found out that someone you love is using pornography.

Even though we live in a time when pornography is more pervasive and available than ever before, AFA of Indiana wants you to know that help is available.

Perhaps you feel like your husband or your boyfriend is “cheating on you” with other women because he views Internet porn sites, but you don’t know what to do about it.

Society says, porn is just harmless entertainment, “boys will be boys” as the saying goes . . . but you know better. Can you name another “harmless entertainment” that makes you feel so bad? Help is available.

If you need someone to talk to about your addiction to pornography . . . if you feel that you cannot break free and need help . . . if Internet filters and willpower are not enough . . . if virtual infidelity bothers you, perhaps it is time to talk to a trained counselor.

Focus on the Family has counselors available at this toll free number in their counseling department. They also have a national referral network that can recommend a counselor near you whom you can meet with to work through this issue.

Call 1-800-A-Family for help. That’s 1-800-A-Family: 1-800-232-6459

Perhaps you’re just curious, perhaps you aren’t sure if pornography is a problem in your life or your relationship, after all some people still mistakenly believe that pornography can help a relationship. They don’t believe pornography is harmful. Down deep, you know they are wrong, because it is harming you.

If you simply would like to learn more about the dangers of pornography, or how it can negatively impact the views, attitudes, relationships and behaviors, click this link:

If your husband’s use of pornography feels like he is with “the other woman” when he surfs the Internet, there is help. To find answers to your questions, click here:

For more resources, links and referrals visit: Victims of’s resource page which is a web site run by AFA of Indiana’s founder and Board President:

• If you know of a billboard location where AFA of Indiana can help spread the word for little cost or for free on an empty billboard, let us know. Maybe we can expand our “Pornography Doesn’t Stay Private” message campaign to other parts of Indiana with your help!