This is well written from Ronald Reagan’s Domestic Policy Advisor, Gary Bauer. It reveals the deep problem of a radical president filling bureaucracies with leftists in order to “fundamentally change America” as he warned he was going to do:

Obama In The Ladies Room

We told you yesterday how Big Business, thoroughly coopted by the sexual revolutionaries of the left, is attempting to browbeat the people of North Carolina and their elected representatives.

bullyingToday we are witnessing the marriage of Big Government and Big Business as five agencies within the Obama Administration are threatening to withhold funding from the families of North Carolina.

This is not a battle over the right to vote or whether the races can sit together at lunch counters. The issue at stake, unbelievably, is whether the women and girls of the Tar Heel State will be allowed, in Barack Obama’s America, to go to the bathroom or change in a locker room without fear that a strange man claiming to be a woman will be standing next to them.

So much for tolerance — or common sense — in the left’s fundamental transformation of America.

According to the Washington Post, bureaucrats at the departments of Education, Health and Human Services, Housing, Labor and Transportation are working furiously to figure out how many billions of tax dollars can be withheld from the children and families of North Carolina as punishment for the state’s rejection of radical social engineering.

This is beyond outrageous! It’s no wonder a new poll finds that 62% of Americans feel their “beliefs and values are under attack.” (See next item.)

15 for Freedom

But I don’t know what is worse — the actions of Obama’s bureaucrats and our corporate elites or the silence from congressional leaders on Capitol Hill.

Republicans should be hammering the White House. Every one of those cabinet secretaries should be hauled before Capitol Hill and forced to explain themselves in public hearings.

Congressional leaders should immediately make it clear that any money taken from the residents of North Carolina by the “perversion lobby” will be restored in the next Republican administration.

That, my friends, should be reason enough to vote Republican in November!

But ponder this: The Obama Administration was willing to shut down the entire federal government if the Republican Congress dared to cut funding to a private organization, Planned Parenthood, because it destroys the lives of unborn children every year.

The left argued that it was unfair for right-wing Republicans to impose their values on a private group.

Yet Obama and his bureaucratic henchmen are now threatening not a private organization, but the people of an entire state because their elected officials refused to succumb to a radical agenda promoted by a very, very small special interest group.

If you are looking for a war on women, the left has just declared war on the women of North Carolina.

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