There is a book you now sweeping through pop culture presented as a simply a women’s fantasy novel.  Some commentators have laughed at 50 Shades of Grey others simply promote it as entertainment.  In our sex-crazed culture, in which moral discernment is sorely lacking, many people may be drawn to a smutty book which some present as little more than a steamy romance movie in print. The following is an anonymous letter we received from a woman warning others that this book is not merely an off-color joke.  It poses a serious danger to women.  Read her story here:

“You must accept my lifestyle because I was born this way.”  Such logic is common in a postmodern culture where truth is relative and morality has been disconnected from moral behaviors.  While this may sound like an excuse for the “gay” agenda because it uses the same arguments and creates the same-slippery slope, the new tolerance may be headed toward the normalization of pedophilia.  A scientist, psychologist, and homosexual activist working for CNN explains why we should begin to sympathize with people born with a sexual orientation toward children.  The path these defenders are taking is one we’ve seen not that long ago.

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It is offensive to many to hear the constant mantra that undefining marriage is about equality.  After all, same-sex marriage has nothing to do with equality because men and women are not the same.  If they were, an equality argument could be made because two men would be the same as a man and a woman; therefore having both sexes in marriage would be irrelevant and mere preference.  In other words “a + a = a, but a + b = c, with  “c” being something unique from bringing together the two sexes, rather than just a carbon copy of itself like “a” as two males or two females.  Gender matters.   Far more offensive is the notion that any person, president or otherwise can “evolve” beyond God’s wisdom for the family to claim that two men are to be deemed the same as a mom and a dad.   Columnist Robert Knight looks at the political ramifications of a leader taking an eraser to the Bible.