Opponents of religious liberty have long claimed to be supporters of religious liberty.

In fact, when they pass legislation like same-sex “marriage” that harms religious freedom, they bend over backwards to emphasize how much they care about religious freedom (like hereand here).Even when they are working to take away religious freedoms from businesses like Hobby Lobby, Conestoga Wood, Arlene’s Flowers, Elane Photography, or Sweet Cakes by Melissa, they have emphasized their respect for religious institutions. “We would never tell a pastor he has to perform a marriage he doesn’t agree with”, they claim, even as judges are forced to resign from their jobs because the state would force them to perform marriages they disagree with.

“We would never force a church to use their church building to host a same-sex ceremony”, they assure us even as private citizens are sued for making the same decisions.

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Whopper Alert

Apparently a lot of people in Indiana who fear religion,  or strong religious convictions, have not forgotten the old Burger King motto “have it your way.”  There were a lot of “Whoppers” told to the Indiana House Judiciary committee when it came to a bill to protect religious freedom. Even though Senate Bill 101 is modeled after law that has been in existence since 1993 and adopted by nineteen states, using fear based lies, or whoppers was the game plan of its opponents.  Here are some of those whoppers presented to the legislators.  Read more here:


In the 2003 western, Open Range, lead actor Robert Duvall tells co-star Kevin Costner’s character, “Most times, a man, he will tell you his bad intentions, if you listen and let yourself hear.” It is a principle that works as well in politics as it did in the Wild West.

Read more of AFAIN Director Micah Clark’s article here:

Two Mommies

Dear Justice Kennedy,

June is nigh, and with it will come your ruling on the most contentious political issue of our time: marriage. I write because I am one of many children with gay parents who believe we should protect marriage. I believe you were right when, during the Proposition 8 deliberations, you said “the voice of those children [of same-sex parents] is important.” I’d like to explain why I think redefining marriage would actually serve to strip these children of their most fundamental rights.

It’s very difficult to speak about this subject, because I love my mom. Most of us children with gay parents do. We also love their partner(s). You don’t hear much from us because, as far as the media are concerned, it’s impossible that we could both love our gay parent(s) and oppose gay marriage. Many are of the opinion I should not exist. But I do, and I’m not the only one. Continue reading here:


“Sometimes we’re able to float through life blissfully unaware of the offal that the television, movie, cable, and video-streaming industries feed the culture. Often, we have a remarkable capacity for ingesting it and ignoring the vomit that results from ingesting offal. Other times, the stench from the offal and the vomit are just too much. That’s what’s happened to me. . . “   Read more here


“Dear Mr. Jenner,

You probably don’t know who I am and certainly have no obligation to read on. Even so, I pray you will. As the great Olympic champion God gifted you to be, you were an inspiration to me as a boy and endured as such when I grew into adulthood and professional athletics. I hope you will serve to inspire many more generations of young people.” Read more at

AFA-IN Audio

While the written word is a great way to communicate sometimes the complex issues we deal with are better explained in a verbal format, so today I am excited to announce that we have launch Indiana Family Forum (IFF).  IFF will be a podcast in which we bring you the news makers of the day on subjects that affect Hoosier families.  Our first 2 podcasts are up. Read More →


“In Generation Unbound, the Brookings Institution’s Isabel Sawhill regretfully says she no longer believes reviving marriage is possible for the less-educated two-thirds of America. The old marriage norm should be replaced with a new social script: It is wrong to have children that are unplanned. “The old norm was ‘don’t have a child outside of marriage.’ The new norm should be ‘don’t have a child before you want one and are ready to parent.’” How would a young adult know whether he or she is “ready”? Like Cherlin, Sawhill retreats to the idea of “commitment”: “For most people it means completing their education, having a steady job, and having a committed partner.”

Here’s my problem with this nice-sounding new script: I think the majority of young people who have children outside marriage are already doing that, to the best of their limited youthful abilities. Read More Here:


As you probably know that a Florist in Richland, Washington is being sued by the Attorney General because she declined to decorate for a same-sex ceremony.

The lawsuits are based on the belief that declining to be part of that event was discrimination based on sexual orientation.

However, there’s a problem with the argument that she discriminates on the basis of sexual orientation. She has consistently and happily done business with people who identify as gay for years, including the individuals involved in this case. She considered them friends. Since there is no evidence that she actually discriminates based on sexual orientation, they have redefined what discrimination means. Continue Reading Here:


This article from the Chicago Tribune is timely since the Indiana legislature may consider medical marijuana this year.  A Portage, IN State Senator, who has tried to legalize pot several times is now trying what she admits may get more “sympathy” – medical marijuana.   There is a great deal of debate over whether smoking pot is truly that beneficial or medically necessary when prescription pills like Marinol made with a controlled dosage of one of the the 500 chemicals in a burning joint can be prescribed without the carcinogens of smoking is available.  Still, the notion that marijuana is no different than a can of beer or a glass of wine should be considered if the law is going to pronounce marijuana a good drug.  Read more here:


One of the most controversial rock stars of the 1970’s, Alice Cooper was a shock rocker, though not without talent.  Many of his fans followed the make-up wearing hard rock singer for his dark, demonic side, and stage act, which even included a song about dead babies. Yet, they were surprised with his two pop love songs ballads, “How You Gonna See Me Now” (which stemmed from an alcohol rehab stint) and “You and Me,” both of which are about a man’s love for his wife.  There sometimes seemed to be two-sides to the hard rock singer.

Alice grew up in a Christian home and surely gave his parents a lot of heartache. Many parents and grandparents reading this may worry about a lost or wayward child.  That is why we encourage you to read this article, even if you have no clue, or don’t care who Cooper was . . . the seeds planted in him when he was young, could not be repressed by his lifestyle.    Read more here:


For decades many pro-life advocates have tried to educate people about the racist roots of America’s largest abortion provider.  Additionally, they have tried to point to the disproportionate ratio of abortions performed upon minorities.  We at AFA of Indiana would point out that marriage is one of the greatest natural deterrents to abortion.  Married women very rarely choose abortion in a crisis or unplanned pregnancy.   The breakdown of marriage and rise of fatherlessness is surely the largest contributor to abortion numbers in certain demographic groups.  Nevertheless, it is undeniable that there were plans among early abortion advocates to reduce minority populations through birth control, abortion and sterilization.  Today, looking at the abortion disparity, it is hard not to recall those evil intentions.  Here is a new study on abortion again showing rates that far exceed their population percentages.    Read more here:


Since our founding, AFA of Indiana has said that the conscience of our culture is our nation’s churches.  It is a view that many of our founding fathers held in the early years of American history.  If our nation is in a moral free-fall or cultural decline, can we look at our churches and see why?    Perhaps. . . yet, regardless of the culture around us, America’s churches should be a beacon of hope and truth.  This interesting article looks back at history and sees two types of churches.  Here are eight signs you can look at to determine what kind of church you attend.  Read more here:


There is a growing divide in America between the haves and the have nots, but it is not as much of a political campaign line as it is a sociological reality.  The dividing line has a lot more to do with whether adults and children are in a married home or not.  This marital dividing line is decimating the American Dream.  If we are to address poverty in America and its many ramifications for the economy, schools and social institutions, we cannot ignore the positive  marriage plays in economic success.  Read more here:

Mom Daughter

Governor Mike Pence has taken some heat from the media, and those who think government can do a good job raising children, for his refusing of an $80 million federal grant for preschool expansion in Indiana.  AFA of Indiana supports choices for parents that include home, church, private and state preschool or child care, if parents desire that for their 4 year old.  However, we should be very wary given the federal government’s track record with preschool.  This grant appears to have been a Trojan Horse containing many things Hoosiers might not want including the controversial Common Core program. Read more here:

Multiple Partners

Buckle up for one of the best reads, and laughs, at liberal academia’s logic that we have read in a long time. Yet, the idea that monogamy in marriage is foolish is one which many, like this professor, not only claim, but promote as part of the deconstruction of traditional values and the nuclear family.. The following is an exchange between an “enlightened” professor and a foolish blog writer (Matt Walsh) who dares to defend marriage, virtue, faith and family.
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Before you join millions of Americans posting their “ice bucket challenge” videos as a part of their donation to ALS research, there is something you should know about the ALS Association.  Read more here about where you may want to send your donation to help fight ALS, also known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease.” More


It is obvious that the devaluing of marriage and of fathers is one of the biggest problems facing America today.  Transforming marriage into a genderless institution will have certain consequences. Same-sex marriage says that two women are just the same as a husband and a wife, thus gender is irrelevant.  It says that adult desires regarding living arrangements trump the needs of children for a father as well as a mother.  How has that idea worked out for the black family?   Economist Walter E. Williams offers some historic evidence and modern statistics that reveal how important family and marriage are to communities. Read his powerful piece here:

Tony Dungy

If one has any doubt that the virtue of tolerance has been hijacked and twisted into a requirement to embrace a certain orthodoxy, just look at what has happened to one of the most respected football coaches in NFL history. Tony Dungy, the former Super Bowl champion and former coach of the Indianapolis Colts, serves as the latest victim of the radical gay rights agenda. It happened when Coach Dungy simply expressed a pragmatic business decision to avoid the distraction of media hysteria around his entire team, were he still coaching. There is only one way to avoid this, it would seem, and that is to worship at the feet of liberalism.

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This story is at the heart of what Governor Pence’s Summit on the Family & the Economy was about. It is becoming more rare for women without a college degree to have children inside of marriage. This has a huge impact upon Indiana’s economy, schools, welfare system, and social structure. The income gap in America is increasingly based upon the devaluing of marriage. Those who get married, then have children, do far better (as do their kids) than those who have children outside of marriage. There is increasingly a “separate and unequal” family structure between the upper economic class and the middle and lower classes based upon family devolution.

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Miss Pennsylvania

When the newly crowned Miss Pennsylvania, Valerie Gatto, was in third grade, she found out the difficult truth that she had been conceived when her mother was raped at knife point.

Gatto’s mother was only 19 years old when the attack occurred. Her assailant had plans to murder her as well, but says those plans were thwarted when a bright light from an unknown source appeared. This light gave Gatto’s mother the ability to get up and run away before he could do further harm to her. Gatto says, “I like to think of that light as my mother’s and (my) guardian angel.” Read More:


How did we get to the point where high-profile jurists ignore the will of the people clearly established through ballot initiatives, as well as legal precedent set by the Supreme Court? How has judicial decision-making become so influenced by subjectivity, images, clever marketing strategies, and perceptions carefully crafted by special interest groups?   Proponents of same-sex marriage haven’t won in the arena of ideas—they have won through manipulation and intimidation. Those who oppose them must speak up.    Read More Here:

Michael Sam

Something is wrong in the sports world when the sexual desires or actions of professional athletes are celebrated due to a political agenda above the player’s own athletic ability. We would guess that most Americans would rather not know the exploits of any player regardless of their sexual choice. However, since it is news, and the politics of the homosexual activists are at the front of most journalists mind, let’ s consider the homosexual behavior of the Rams draft choice and ask the question if the NFL is being responsible and truly compassionate about Michael Sam. We hear of steroid risks, among athletes, what about the health risks of this celebrated behavior? Read more here

Noah's Ark

This is a fascinating “man on the street” interview video asking people what they think about the Biblical story of Noah, the ark, various details and a worldwide flood coming from a righteous and Holy God.   With all the attention on the recent Russell Crowe Noah movie, global disasters like floods, mudslides, etc. making news, and environmental claims of global catastrophes over the years, it is worth knowing what many people are thinking in terms of Noah, the last days, end of the world, etc.  This 28 minute video is a  very good study in postmodernism (truth is relative) thought and various worldview arguments impacting our culture today.  Watch the Noah video here:


America lost one of its greatest heroes of the post WW2 era when 89 year-old. Rear Admiral, Jeremiah Denton passed away March 28th.  The former US Senator may have been best known from to his book, “When Hell was in Session” that also became a TV movie.   Denton had been a POW in the Viet Nam war.  He suffered numerous brutalities at the hands of his captors.  Unbroken, he sent a message back home to the US through blinking his eyes in Morse Code on television.  This article describes one of his last interviews in which he describes his time in captivity and the role his faith played in sustaining him.  Read more here:

Ben Stein

In his unique, dry wit manner, actor, author and commentator Ben Stein offers some profound observations and thought-provoking comments about income inequality and the current discussion surrounding it which has been picked up as a cause by many politicians including the President.  Yet, Stein wonders if all the recent concern is misplaced or warranted.  Read more here:

All Socialist

Sometimes we just want to pass along a really good, though provoking, article like this one. “I don’t know about you, but I’m hearing more and more from people around the country who are terrified about where the nation is headed. Every day, we’re confronted with more unchecked abuses of power. Judges, attorneys general, governors, legislators and the president of the United States are openly ignoring their oaths to uphold the law. It’s not just government agencies that are functioning as ruthless enforcers of political correctness. Ask any schoolchild who has had the audacity to defend marriage in a Facebook posting or Tweet.”
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Common Core

Common Core is an issue that began as a small rumble but has grown into a national roar. Controversy over the federal curriculum and testing program has made its way into the Indiana legislature, the State Board of Education and the Governor’s office. Opposition to the Common Core may be the vehicle for a catch all of complaints against education in general, but there is legitimate concern surrounding the Core’s methods, changes and agenda. Now, some of its financial supporters are targeting parents who do not want their children treated like guinea pigs for big business or the Obama Administration.
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Husband & Husband

What is religious freedom and why does it matter? Anyone who believes that they can sit these questions out will soon learn they cannot. Indifference will no longer be possible. As my friend Erick Erickson likes to say, “You will be made to care.” And you will be made to care sooner rather than later.

There are differences between accessing general public accommodations and asking, or rather, coercing, an individual to lend their talents and services to an activity, action, or gathering that he or she thinks is sinful. Whether an individual is “affirming” or “participating” in their service is actually irrelevant. The locus of this debate is focused on the conscience, not degrees of complicity or accessory. Read More Here:


The hysteria over a religious liberty bill in Arizona and the establishment’s unprecedented pressure on Governor Jan Brewer to veto an “anti-gay” bill was a huge distortion of the issue.  While some attempted to compare the legislation with southern Jim Crow laws, supporters are wondering if anyone even read the bill in question before reacting as they did.  The Arizona religious freedom bill did not give businesses license to discriminate against homosexuals, in fact doing that is already prohibited in Arizona.  Read more to learn the facts of what it was really all about:


When the Billy Graham Association magazine recently proclaimed in a cover issue story, “the evangelical church today has grown all too accepting of sin. The church is ducking the vital moral issues of our age. Rather than influencing our culture by being Gospel salt and light, the church has itself become influenced by the permissive culture in which we live,” it immediately caught our attention.
In the article entitled “Ducking Responsibility, Franklin Graham warned, “I do not believe this is simply a culture war, or a battle between conservative and liberal elements of our society. It is much more than a drift away from the moral underpinnings that helped found and guide our nation for centuries. This is a full-scale assault against Christianity and the followers of Christ.” Read more here:


We hear a lot about alternative lifestyles today. Frankly, many parents and grandparents may justifiably worry that we hear too much about abnormal behavior. Talk of the bizarre and once-shunned behavior has become so normal that it has come to the place now, according to NBC, that an “alternative lifestyle” is what once was called the nuclear family with traditional values. In a recent story about an Olympic athlete, NBC commentators were amazed at a 20 year old athlete being so “mature” and an “adult” who came from an alternative lifestyle . . . a traditional family !! On top of this, the medal winner would like to become a minister some day. Read more here:


The following article appeared in the Washington Times entitled “America the Vulgar.” Author Robert Knight explains how our culture has become so pervasively bad that parents simply cannot hide their children front it. America seems obsessed with bad behavior. It raises the question of who is forcing their morals upon whom?

Read more here:


Even though it is the biggest television show in Cable history, with over 14 million viewers, you knew it would only be a matter of time before the politically correct would move against Duck Dynasty.  The patron saints of tolerance couldn’t let a show about a real life family who loves God, country virtue and family go on for long.   There’s a lot of flap over Duck Dynasty father Phil Robertson’s answer to a question in an interview in which he quotes the Bible concerning homosexuality.   To liberals who want to redefine family, the most intolerant thing one can do is cite basic biology or religion.   Here is one of the best reviews of what happened to the Duck Dynasty dad and what it says about America’s cultural decline.  Read more here:


While many in the media might never report on it, there is some significant opposition to redefining marriage among some homosexuals.  For example, not long ago in France, thousands of homosexuals joined in with 100,000 French citizens to protest the unraveling of marriage.  They explained that marriage was for men and women. Children need a mom and a dad more than they needed or wanted to mimic heterosexual marriage.  Of course there are the extreme opponents of marriage of all sexual desires who reject the monogamy and exclusivity of marriage, but there are also more rational reasons not to tear down the logical gender boundaries that have existed in marriage for thousands of years.  The following is a well thought out defense of natural marriage by an openly homosexual man.  Read what he says here:


On February 6, 1977 after losing a close presidential primary race to Gerald Ford, who later lost to Governor Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, much of the Republican party and certainly the conservative movement was written off by the media.  As we know today, Ronald Reagan came back to win big in 1980 followed by an enormous historic landslide in 1984.  Before that occurred, Reagan spoke to a group called CPAC and laid out his principles and a course for the future that is remarkably relevant in 2013.  For example, Reagan observed,

“Families must continue to be the foundation of our nation. Families — not government programs — are the best way to make sure our children are properly nurtured, our elderly are cared for, our cultural and spiritual heritages are perpetuated, our laws are observed and our values are preserved.Thus it is imperative that our government’s programs, actions, officials and social welfare institutions never be allowed to jeopardize the family. We fear the government may be powerful enough to destroy our families; we know that it is not powerful enough to replace them. The New Republican Party must be committed to working always in the interest of the American family.”
Read his full speech here:


Call it a symptom of postmodernism (truth is relative to the individual) or moral confusion, but there is definitely a danger to a society when common sense disappears.  What was recently considered bizarre is seemingly becoming more normal and what was once normal, and even virtuous, becomes the object of scorn or a target of government intervention.   Columnist Robert Knight warns of the bizarre becoming routine and the danger that such confusion poses to innocent children, families and our moral fabric in his article.

Read more here:


In the Bible, a once notorious murderer informs a first century church that certain people cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.  Everyone who read his words knew of his past.  How comforting must it have been when he informed them but this was no longer true.  (“Such as were some of you, but you were washed and sanctified.”)    Obviously, change has been around for thousands of years.  Why then is it so difficult for certain segments of society to deny human change.   A renowned psychologist explains this factor and his observations here:


It would be nice to assume that our elected officials have our best interests as a motivator of what they do. Yet, when it becomes obvious that enormous bills pass through Congress, unread by many members, and the consequences of bills enacted appearing seemingly as a surprise, one has to wonder if political games and considerations outweigh the public good.   The following is an article listing 100 unintended consequences of Obamacare., which reveals how, even before being fully implemented, the Affordable Care Act is impacting the economy with actual examples of the harms to employers and their employees.

Read more here:


When the term conservative is raised, who comes to mind?  Perhaps, if there are two grandfathers of the modern political conservatism movement they would be William F. Buckley, author, TV host, and publisher of National Review and President Ronald Reagan.   Yet, who would they look to as their ideal conservative.   It is highly probable that they would have suggested influential author and political theorist Russell Kirk.  In 1953 it was Kirk who penned, “The Conservative Mind” which is considered a foundational part of the modern conservative movement.  Though you may not have read anything like this since your college days, Kirk’s 10 Conservative Principles is well worth studying, and still highly relevant today.  It also reveals that many who claim the label of conservative, or claim “x” to be a conservative issue, fall far from being a true conservative individual or cause.

Read more here:


America throughout our history has been known throughout the world for freedom.  What would the reaction be if the government suddenly began to force Amish to drive cars; feminists to listen to Rush Limbaugh; Muslims to own pigs; Jehovah’s Witnesses to say the Pledge of Allegiance; vegan’s to eat hamburgers, or the NAACP to accept racist skinheads as members?     Something would clearly have gone very wrong and off track from what our founder’s envisioned.  Yet, similar assaults on liberty are not speculation, they are already occurring.  This article points out that contrary to what many claim, the push for same-sex marriage seriously endangers our historic freedoms.

Read more here:


An interesting development is occurring in Ohio after one of its largest pro-life chapters finally got feed up with liberal politicians who claim to be pro-life while they seem to undermine the family and supports for the life movement with their votes or actions elsewhere.    If there is one area in which pro-life leaders should be able to agree with abortion advocates it should be on raw abortion numbers and demographic data.  Married women seldom turn to abortion during an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy. Planned Parenthood’s research arm recently observed,  “married women are significantly less likely than unmarried women to resolve unintended pregnancies through abortion.”   It would seem then that promoting or preserving marriage might be a conversation life groups should consider.
Read more here:


As they open their new A&E TV season with a record setting viewership numbers of nearly 12 million Americans, Duck Dynasty appears to have struck a nerve of appeal and even normalcy that a core segment of Americans seem to long for once again.   The reality show portrays the interactions of a family of long haired, camo-wearing guys who run a duck call company in Louisiana.  What drives and forms the family is their clear and obvious Christian faith.  Still, with each new season, more people seem attracted to the show.  The show’s huge popularity has led to large sales of T-shirts and several books from family members.  One of the many unique regular characters on the show is Uncle Si who often offers his words of wisdom and sayings.  In this article, Uncle Si explains what truly drives him.

Read more here:


This fascinating “man on the street” interview video of college students, professors and even scientists is remarkable.  We often take what we were taught in school or what our culture tends to adhere to as solid indisputable fact, but is there truly any firm basis for such things?  Many people, who deny the existence of God, also deny having “faith” in something else.  Yet, as this video reveals, they may trust reason, logic or science in the same way they disparagingly think people adhere to religion.  Take a look at this thought-provoking video here:


According to the United Nations World Health Organization, over 140 million females across the globe have experienced what’s known as “gender mutilation.”

The U.N. says this grotesque act is primarily practiced in Africa for religious or cultural reasons. It is usually ordered by the family itself—including in many cases by the mother. The U.N. says the practice results in diminishing the dignity and worth of women in that particular culture. The WHO estimates the practice begins with girls as young as 4-years old.

Do you agree with the U.N. that this is “genital mutilation?” Would you consider this an act of child abuse? Do you agree that it’s wrong for a family to alter their daughter’s most intimate aspects of her femininity?



A common misused slogan among some, who have not thought very deeply about what they are saying, is “you can’t legislate morality.”  They often proclaim this phrase as a means to end discussion or to silence political debate.  To the contrary, this slogan should raise at least two responses.  First, if not morality then what would we legislate, immorality?  Second, is that when laws are debated and passed in a legislative body, someone’s worldview will prevail.  Therefore, the question is not IF a moral view will prevail, but WHOSE worldview will be reflected in the law or regulation being enacted?

Read more here:


It is clear from reactions to the Supreme Court rulings on same-sex marriage that many Americans do not understand the public purpose of marriage.

Marriage has a public and a private purpose. The public purpose of marriage is to unite men to women and both to any children they produce. Governments recognize marriage because it is an institution that benefits society and children like no other relationship. Where marriage declines, government grows, intrudes, and steps in to pick up the pieces.



While every abortion represents a child and a potentially scarred woman, it is good news that Indiana’s abortion numbers have declined in recent years.  This decline even occurs during these recent years of a consistently lagging economy when financial pressures might seem to predict an increase in pregnancy terminations.  The following article from AFA of Indiana is based upon numbers from the Indiana State Department of Health. It also includes analysis of those numbers by Indiana Right to Life.  We look briefly, too, at other states and how birth rates have been politicized by some for an attack on traditional values.

Read more here:


“We stand together as Christians in defense of marriage and the family and society founded upon them. While we come from a variety of communities and hold differing faith perspectives, we are united in our common faith in Jesus Christ.   We acknowledge that differences exist between us on important matters of religious doctrine and practice. But, on the matter of marriage, we stand in solidarity. As a nation, we have lost our moral compass. As a result, we are losing true freedom. We affirm together that there is a moral basis to a free society. . .

“We affirm that marriage and family have been inscribed by the Divine Architect into the order of creation.” Read more here:


Several months ago, when we became aware of the changes within the Exodus organization and the realigning of the vast majority of the 260 affiliates, we began to follow them to the Restored Hope Network and promote the Restored Hope on the AFA-IN resource page.

Read more here



This item is an editorial from Gary Hofmeister, a friend of AFAIN, well known Indianapolis businessman and candidate for US Congress.  It is his story of his having seemingly been the target of the Federal Election Commission following his run for Congress.  The head of the commission at the time was Lois Lerner, the current IRS Director who is under fire for targeting hundreds of marriage protection groups, TEA Parties, pro-life and pro-Israel organizations.   Read more here to learn of one Hoosier’s nightmare following his run for Congress as a conservative candidate.


Robin Hood

It has been said that it is not enough to curse the darkness without providing light.  While there is so much that discerning Hoosiers should reject from the pop culture and Hollywood we should still be on the lookout for good family entertainment.  Movies can be great entertainment but they can also be good tools for education and discussion. In so doing, we should not forget the past.  Here are some classics that have entertained and enlightened audiences and stood the test of time.  While lists like this can vary wildly depending upon the compiler’s views and tastes, here’s a good start. Read More here: Ten Great Films


We wonder why the younger generation seems to have a totally different set of values than their parents, so we look to the culture.  While media and culture certainly play a factor, what is actually taught in the classroom is perhaps even more influential.  Research shows that up to 80% of children raised in Christian homes today will not return to church after they graduate from college. That is an enormous problem with serious societal and eternal ramifications. Along the same lines, this short article looks at the political indoctrination and one-sided ideology dominating the faculty of America’s colleges and universities.

Read more here:


“Postmodernism” is a description of the prevailing worldview of our current times in which truth is in the eye of the beholder.  A past truth can be dismissed with the response of “well that’s what’s right for you.”  One consequence of such relativism is the loss of meaning of important words like truth, freedom, right, wrong, bravery, decency, To many who share the values of AFA of Indiana the world seems to be upside down.  Things once seen as wrong are held up as good and matters once considered virtuous, are now widely mocked.  Cultural commentator and Washington Times columnist Robert Knight weighs in on some current examples of this confusion in his column, Twisting Words into Doublespeak.

Read more here:


When talk of Barack Obama and Franklin Roosevelt are together it is usually in reference to ineffective big government policies and Great Depression(s). While there are certainly many similarities there, FDR and Obama part ways when it comes to their view of our Christian heritage and the role it plays in America’s soul.    There has been a lot of attention recently on efforts to radically secularize our military and to view the Christian faith in particular as a menace.   This would have shocked America’s 32nd president who had a much more positive view of the role of faith in our armed forces.

Read more here:


We all know them, the kids who were raised in church. They were stars of the youth group. They maybe even sang in the praise band or led worship. And then… they graduate from High School and they leave church. What happened?

It seems to happen so often that I wanted to do some digging; To talk to these kids and get some honest answers. I work in a major college town with a large number of 20-somethings. Nearly all of them were raised in very typical evangelical churches. Nearly all of them have left the church with no intention of returning.

Read more by clicking here:


One of the interesting things about America today is the power small segments seem to have in our culture.  For example, the vast majority of Americans believe in God, yet, in many ways we have an atheistic movement, which seems to be driving God out of the public square in ways that would surely have shocked our Founders.  Entire institutions are targeted for attack or change simply because they recognize God.  Monuments, which stood for 50, 70, 100 years or more, are suddenly deemed a violation.  Interestingly this tyranny of the minority also applies to marriage.   This point is just one of 10 made by Michael McManus of Marriage Savers.  Read more here:


The recent television Mini Series, The Bible, which aired on the History Channel surprised Hollywood and critics with its large audiences. Already it appears to be setting sales records for DVD’s of a mini series.   While by no means perfect, the series has many commendable elements and may well have achieved the lofty objectives of its creators.   In a culture, which often seems at war with Christianity, the series success alone is noteworthy.  Here is our balanced overview of the series:’TheBible’seriesreview(AFA).pdf


There is a widely held notion that preserving the definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman is unfair.  In fact, this mistaken idea has been taken even farther to mean that the only way for society to be fair to a small group of people who engage in certain behaviors, or have certain desires, is to radically restructure the institution of marriage to meet their demands.   This article “The Fairness of Marriage” by AFA of Indiana’s director, Micah Clark, takes a look at the primary argument being used to unravel marriage. This editorial recently appeared in several newspapers around Indiana.

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We now have an entire generation today that has grown up on video games.  The arcades of the 1980’s, where teens had a limited number of quarters to spend on a Friday night, have given way to hours upon hours of time in front of home gaming systems.  Contrary to popular perception of children playing Mario Brothers or some child centered game, the average “gamer” today is a 35-year-old man.   For some, gaming has led to an addiction that can impact marriages, hygiene, health and other relationships.  Read more here from this insightful Indianapolis Star story:


When one thinks of “civil rights,” images of Rev. Martin Luther King and various events from the 1950’s and 60’s may come to mind. That was when people were denied economic, political and cultural access to opportunity based solely upon their skin color.  Today, the term rights and civil rights are thrown around quite a bit for all sorts of matters and by a whole host of political interests vying for governmental or societal approval.  Many people may not realize that there are actual criteria established by the courts to determine a civil rights or minority classification. They are very logical and understandable, particularly when seen in light of the past civil rights struggles and subsequent governmental responses to those past injustices.
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When a society begins to walk away from the logical time tested principle of having a man and a woman in marriage, and we ignore or refuse to affirm that children need both a mother and a father, how long can we say that gender matters at all to children?   Well, Massachusetts, the first state in America to radically redefine marriage, is now discarding gender protections in their schools.  (When marriage is unraveled children always suffer.)  The Massachusetts Commissioner of Education Mitchell Chester has issued orders to all K-12 public schools requiring them to permit boys and girls to use the opposite sex’s locker rooms, bathrooms, and changing facilities. This latest education policy is just one more confirmation the slippery slope warnings marriage protection advocates made when Massachusetts gave in to the demands of homosexual marriage advocates.Read more about how the state’s gender confusion has impacted its schools and places children at risk:


The Indiana Senate has passed a set of three bills calling for another Constitutional Convention.  The purpose of SJR 18, SB 224 and SB 225 is to modify the Commerce Clause in order to prevent Obamacare from being forced upon the states.   While this may be a noble objective, and a necessary assertion of state’s rights, a Constitutional Convention could be a liberal free for all in this postmodern, post-Christian society.    Article 5 of the US Constitution says that when called for, a Constitutional Convention, “shall be valid to all intents and purposes.”   It seems highly unlikely that a Convention could be limited to just one issue.  We could lose our 2nd Amendment freedoms, our religious liberty or wind up with new rights to abortion and homosexual marriage that our founders would never have supported.  If the Commerce Clause needs to be changed, a simple Constitutional Amendment addressing that section’s specific wording can do that, but an entire national convention seems very risky.  Still, calling for a Constitutional Convention has become a trend.

Here are two excellent resources on this subject. One is an article titled, “A Con Con is a Terrible Idea”: The other is a resource page with various articles and video clips detailing concerns over a new Constitutional Convention in order to “fix” our Constitution:


It is interesting that the supporters of redefining marriage, both activists and the media, proclaim that societal views are changing and that a majority of Americans and Hoosiers now support homosexual marriage.  Yet, when it comes to allowing people to affirm this, they complain fiercely and do all they can to prohibit the say of the same voters.  They much prefer the sound of a gavel to the voice of the people.Marriage is a foundational component of society.  It touches all facets of life from our homes, to our laws, to our churches and to what children are taught in schools. It is much bigger than a courtroom; it is a matter for people to decide.

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President Barack Obama called for more early childhood education (preschool) in his recent State of the Union address.  Alert Hoosiers may have recognized that many leaders in the Indiana State House have been making very similar pleas for several years.  This call for more spending on education at the expense of taxpayers isn’t limited to liberal Democrats.  Many Republicans have bought into the early childhood education mantra.  While there is nothing wrong with preschool, promises of any lasting academic gain appear unfounded.  As part of President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, since 1965, the US government has spent $180 billion dollars on the federal Head Start preschool program designed to help poor children start school ready to learn.  Before Indiana state legislators spend more money on preschool, they should look at the success or failures of the Head Start from the government’s own studies.

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There is a disturbing trend among Americans, particularly younger Americans, to discard marriage.   Some call it the “perpetual teenager” when describing 30-somethings who avoid marriage in favor of a lifestyle that was nearly unheard of among similarly aged adults of previous generations.  Back then; marriage was a vital basic building block of the American dream of prosperity, home ownership and career. It was so widely assumed that it could be clearly seen as a part of our pop-culture, movies, TV and music.  This article is a good reminder that America really needs to reclaim and reassert the virtues of marriage in our culture.

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Syndicated columnist Michele Malkin has weighed in on the new federal education standards called Common Core right when the State Senate is considering a bill to pull Indiana out of the program.  Malkin’s research and observations may serve to intensify scrutiny over our involvement in this program.  Take a look at what she says about these new curriculum standards, which could impact every public school,  textbook and comprehensive test in Indiana:

Part 1 of Michelle’s Series on Common Core
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A new annual study of college freshman which dates back some 47 years finds that this current crop of freshman students entering our universities see themselves as the “greatest generation.”  Has the world of instant fame from doing nothing but a stupid reality show, Facebook friends and “watch me on You Tube” created a whole new generation of young narcissists?   Many psychologists are warning of just this problem.
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Indiana may become the thirty-third state to vote on whether to preserve or unravel the definition of marriage for future generations.   Does a Marriage Protection Amendment hurt business?  Does it harm a state’s business environment?   It may sound like an odd question, but it is a myth and a scare tactic regularly repeated by the media and even a few misguided business entities.  This short editorial from AFA of Indiana’s director looks at various economic indicators and compares them with states that protect marriage and those few that allow homosexual marriage.   Click here to read more:


It may surprise you to learn that new research is finding that pornography is a growing contributor to divorce and a present problem now cited in half of all divorces.  This may sound shocking, until one considers that the porn industry is larger in terms of annual revenue than that of ABC, NBC, CBS combined.   It brings in more income to the US than that of the NFL Super bowl.  Four-out-of-five 16-year-old boys have recently viewed pornography. Pornography is a ten billion dollar industry and its presence is pervasive.  Learn more here from the Coalition for Divorce Reform author Michael McMannus, President of Marriage Savers:


“The mainstream media, liberal politicians, activists, and academia bewail child poverty in the U.S. But in these ritual lamentations, one key fact remains hidden: The principal cause of child poverty in the U.S. is the absence of married fathers in the home.”  Read more from this Heritage Foundation article, Married Fathers: America’s Greatest Weapon Against Child Poverty by Robert Rector here:


Constitutional Attorney and Liberty Council Action Vice President wrote a no holds barred, take off the spiritual gloves editorial that deserves our consideration following the election of 2012.   His God Will Not Be Mocked editorial makes a lot of arguments that as lovers of America is hard for us to hear, but just as difficult to deny.    Barber observes, “America has rebelled against God. She has shaken her fist at Him and arrogantly cried, “We don’t need you. We don’t want you. We know better than you. Now go away.”   Is he correct?  Take a few minutes to read this powerful piece here:


There are some arguments that are often repeated in favor of same-sex marriage that play upon the goodness of Americans. Equating opposition to same-sex marriage with racism and discrimination are just a couple of those efforts at heart tugging arguments.  Dennis Prager takes a new look at this and comes up with some amazing things that will make you think about this issue, and it explains why no great moral leader or thinker in history ever advocated for the unraveling of marriage in favor of accepting homosexual relationships.   Read more here: Townhall – Good People can Oppose Gay Marriage


This story is as remarkable for where it comes from as much as what it says.  The story about former homosexuals and the mistreatment they face from homosexual activists and a liberal media both of which deny their existence actually appeared in the New York Times, one of the most liberal news outlets in America.  It is a good article proving that there are thousands of people out there who have left homosexuality either through their religious faith or reparative therapy.  Read more about their encouraging story here: