How LGBT Activism Works, Illustrated in Front Of Our Eyes

This was a great post by our friends at Illinois Family Institute that shows how the Left’s “Outrage Machine” works.  Be sure to watch the video at end!

It starts with one outraged person. Then, the outrage gets reported. Next, it becomes a story. Then it becomes a cause. It’s happening today, right in front of our eyes.

Earlier this week I reported how YouTube had come under attack from various LGBT websites and YT channels and social media accounts. The internet giant had committed the cardinal sin of playing conservative Christian ads on LGBT channels. How dare they!

To add insult to injury, YouTube had previously demonetized many of these LGBT videos, just as YouTube demonetized hundreds of my videos. They were deemed not appropriate for all advertisers. Now, YouTube had the gall to advertise a video like “Can You Be Gay and Christian?” on these very same channels. This was too much to bear.

The Twitter world was set ablaze, and a number of YouTubers expressed their disappointment and anger. (See my previous article for details.)

In reality, though, this was not really a very big story. […] Read More

Exploited Girl

“Abolish ICE” has become a battle cry of the Left and many in the Democratic Party, do they understand what ICE really does or do they even care? Joe Donnelly and other Democrats need to be reminded without ICE these predators would still be exploiting children!!

The U.S. Justice Department (DOJ) has reported that Operation Broken Heart, a government campaign targeting child predators, in conjunction with a similar campaign run by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), has resulted in the arrest of more than 2,300 suspected online child-sex offenders.

In addition to the 2,300-plus arrests, Operation Broken Heart led to the identification of 195 offenders guilty of child pornography or child sex abuse, and the identification of 383 child victims of child pornography or sexual abuse, reported ICE in a statement.

“No child should ever have to endure sexual abuse,” said Attorney General Jeff Sessions in a DOJ press release. “And yet, in recent years, certain forms of modern technology have facilitated the spread of child pornography and created greater incentives for its production.” […] Click here to Read More

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