Abortion Protesters

Most people believe that Republicans are generally more pro-lfe and that Democrats are generally more pro-abortion on the issue of life.  Where do Libertarians stand on abortion?  Here is an interesting short article from Life News covering a debate between two Libertarian leaders each arguing the pro-life and pro-choice sides of the abortion debate from the Libertarian philosophical point of view.  The arguments and observations are quite interesting, but the question of which view is most consistent with the Libertarian worldview remains unclear even if the ultimate conclusion for a pro-life voter is not as difficult.


AFA-IN Audio

Homosexual activists are celebrating Indiana becoming the first state in the nation to approve a pro-homosexual specialty automotive license plate.

Hear AFA of Indiana Executive Director Micah Clark on the Peter Heck Show in Kokomo as he discusses the state’s approval of a “gay” License Plate to help fund Homosexual Youth Recruitment Center and High School Clubs in Indiana.


Read AFA of Indiana’s News Release regarding the new license plate on ChristianWire: http://www.christiannewswire.com/news/2057218698.html

Peter Heck

With Democrats showing up for work on Monday, the short session of the Indiana legislature is underway.  And while much attention will naturally be paid to the Republicans top priority – Right to Work legislation – there are a number of pro-family bills that they will be attempting to guide through into law.

Peter and Micah also talked through the state of the Republican presidential contest and the increasingly toxic environment that persists for families here in the United States.

Listen to the interview HERE!

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