Toll Bridge Proves Once Again That Taxes Do Effect Behavior!

Toll Bridge

There is a very good insider political newsletter called Indiana Legislative Insight to which AFA-IN subscribes.   A recent story includes a study whose name only a government bureaucrat could love.  It is called the “Louisville-Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project Post Construction Traffic Monitoring Study.”

To boil it down as concisely as possible, this study claimed that traffic across the bridges would hit 250,318 vehicles per day for … Read More

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The Gipper and the Gospel

The Gipper and the Gospel

It was a Saturday in August of 1982. President Ronald Reagan woke up that morning in the White House to headlines about U.S.-Soviet negotiations over nuclear weapons, a fierce tax debate in Congress, and rising unemployment rates. Reagan Library records show he spent much of the day “working on a speech about the economy.” Yet, as the president noted in his diary that day, it was his father-in-law’s eternal destination … Read More

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This is More Like it…

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For those who think there is no downside to legalized Marijuana?

Many of our Republican State Legislators want to go down the path of other states regarding legalizing Marijuana.

The video below was made for Idaho, but the points made are relevant for Indiana!!


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