Are Dads Important?

Searching for a father’s day card may have given you the impression that most dad’s are little more than beer guzzling, TV remote hogging bumbling buffoons, much like cartoon figure Homer Simpson.  Yet, the social research shows that husbands and fathers are very essential to a healthy society.   The following is a reprint of AFA of Indiana’s weekly email written in response to a new Pew Center report finding that almost half of all fathers now have a child outside of marriage. Click Here to Learn More

Greg Garrison

On Memorial Day 2011, AFA of Indiana’ Director, Micah Clark was a guest on the Greg Garrison radio show which reaches most of central Indiana on WIBC, FM 93.1.

The purpose of the show was to promote the Indiana Home School Convention.  The first half hour segment is an interview with a home schooling parent and a home educated adult.  The second half hour was AFAIN’s Micah Clark discussing education options for parents and social issues in state policy.  Click here to hear those two audio segments.

Micah Clark on Garrison Show  Homeschooling Discussion on Garrison Show

William and Kate

Have you ever seen any of those black and white billboards with an alleged message from God?   How about the one that says. “Great Wedding, Invite me to the marriage. – God”?   Millions of Hoosiers watched the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.  The historic ceremony was a remarkable event of the highest caliber from the trees in Westminster Abbey, to the wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses to outstanding music and on and on.   Yet, what about William and Kate’s marriage itself?   Can it (or any other new) survive?   The Ruth Institute asked its experts. Here is what they said of the royal couple, advice from which we can all learn.  Click Here to Read Article