A recent Dubois County Herald article has confirmed what we suspected, the Hate Crimes legislation that was defeated earlier in the Indiana General Assembly of pushed in an attempt to help lure Amazon’s second headquarters to Indianapolis area.

It is time for lawmakers and business leaders to be honest with Hoosiers regarding the REAL goal of legislation.  Advancing a Liberal Agenda to appease companies that may or may not choose to come to our state is BAD Policy! (Especially considering our current law allows Judges this latitude as Attorney Jim Bopp pointed out in Senate testimony)

Indiana has significant advantages, especially economic, over many of the states competing for Amazon’s second headquarters, we do not need to also become a ‘Politically Correct State’. The last dozen years has shown Indiana doesn’t need to become California to compete for jobs. An example is liberal leaning Salesforce that has already expanded its presence in the state

It is our hope that in the future lawmakers and business leaders will be upfront about why legislation is being put forth so Hoosiers can have an informed debate on this type of legislation.

A brilliant mind fails to trace 'nothing' to a creator

Stephen Hawking died Tuesday at the age of 76, so we wanted to revisit this article from just over a week ago by OneNewsNow.com.

One of the most famous scientists of our modern times has sparked a discussion about the origins of the earth and the universe. Brilliant physicist Stephen Hawking was interviewed recently about the “Big Bang,” the theory that the universe exploded suddenly from a single point of origin billions of […]

“Nothing was around before the Big, Big Bang,” Hawking said.

Hugh Ross of Reasons to Believe, who is an astrophysicist and a “Big Bang” believer, tells OneNewsNow that Hawking and others run into real trouble with their “nothing” theory.

“They basically say not only is there a real time dimension associated with the universe but there’s imaginary time,” he says. “And with two dimensions of time you wouldn’t have a boundary for the universe. So they say there’s no boundary therefore they say there is no need for God.”

Danny Faulkner of Answers in Genesis says mainstream scientists, even the really bright ones, have one fatal belief that keeps them from the truth: science can’t answer faith questions and faith can’t answer science questions.

“If you come to a question or a problem that has no physical answer, then what are you going to do?” Faulkner observes. “Well, if you stay consistent to that worldview, you’ll make up something.”

No matter how illogical or improbable the answer is, he says, the skeptic has ruled out the real answer.

Mike Pompeo

Upset over the departure of Rex Tillerson from his position as President Trump’s Secretary of State? Well, don’t be. The ExxonMobil CEO who oversaw donations to abortion conglomerate Planned Parenthood will be replaced by the pro-life CIA Director Mike Pompeo. President Trump […]

According to LifeNews, pro-lifers should rejoice over Pompeo being chosen to replace Tillerson. As a former congressman from Kansas, Pompeo has a “long record of supporting pro-life legislation and speaking out in favor of life.”

Pompeo has also been quoted as saying he holds “a deep reverence for the sanctity of life, the solidarity of family, and the solemnity of marriage.” -MORE-