If you think that late night television is merely entertainment for insomniacs, you may want to reconsider how the liberal establishment is using this medium in the political and cultural war.  Columnist Ben Shapiro takes a look at the recent attack against presidential hopeful Rep. Michelle Bachman on the Jimmy Fallon Show as an opportunity to examine the agenda of the late night shows.

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Former Domestic Policy Advisor for President Ronald Reagan reminds us in this column that the Occupy Wall Street crowds’ unease is not new.  Yet, according to the polls, there have been even more, consistently deep concerns in the nation just under the surface in both good economic times and in bad for quite awhile.  Average law abiding, hard working Americans are not marching in the street, yet, they have legitimate problems that they want addressed as well.  Click here to read more

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The lynchpin of the argument in favor of “gay rights” is the belief that people are born as homosexuals. This idea makes the agenda of homosexual activists easier to equate with equality and the civil rights movement. Otherwise, we are poised to grant special protections toward and revamp society on behalf merely upon one’s sexual desires. If this is the case, what behavior is next? The slippery slope argument becomes a serious concern. Additionally, the social pathologies, physical, emotional and spiritual risks of homosexuality matter much more if people choose a risky lifestyle. As with other risky choices, society then can say “no, please don’t, this is dangerous” something which infuriates those living out their same-sex impulses. Now a first of a kind long term study finds that change is possible.  Click here to read more