Contrary to popular perception, the search for a “gay” gene has always come up empty handed.  In spite of such a notion being opposed to evolutionary theory (why would a “gay” gene ever be passed along?) and opposed to creation theory many people have bought into the idea of people being “born gay.”  Here is a flyer from PFOX, Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays that you may want to print out and keep as a resource for discussions with those who say that behavior defines who we are, or that some are born destined to live out risky lifestyles.   The PFOX flyer includes various facts from groups like the American Psychological Association and other often misquoted sources on the issue of sexual orientation and change.  View PDF color brochure here:

As the 2012 Indiana General Assembly wound down, a movement occurred in which $80 million of your tax dollars was poured into a popular educational trend known as Full Day Kindergarten.  Governor Daniels and many legislators sang their praises for “fully funding” FDK for one year.    However, is this major expenditure really a good use of public funds?  Will it be a wise investment that improves the academic achievements of Hoosier children?  Politicians (and some in the media who love all forms of government spending and expansion) say “yes,” without any hesitation.  Yet, longitudinal studies of FDK indicate that it may be a giant misuse of our taxes.   Read an AFA previous editorial on this topic here: Full-Day Kindergarten’s Benefits Not So Evident

This is what happened during the second half of the 2012 Indiana General Assembly.  A controversy erupted over a first of a kind (OK, second of a kind, but the other state has over 740 license plate groups) specialty license plate for a homosexual recruitment center called the Indiana Youth Group.  The media and many legislators immediately tried to dismiss the issue as “trivial’ or much to do about nothing.  Three times, House leadership blocked efforts to revoke the plate.  The Senate got caught up in a game among moderates who also scuttled the issue, because they were so fearful of what the media might say about them. If only they had taken the time to investigate this group. They too would have wondered why the BMV ever approved supporting such a group.

Read an AFA editorial on this issue submitted to papers across the state: