Historically, what happens when hyper-individualism combines with moral decay in a society? Sadly, the answer is almost always the same. Although this is extremely relevant today, it is not a new question.  The founder of the Sociology Department for Harvard University is but one of the scholars and anthropologists who have looked into the rise and fall of some 80 societies repeatedly finding that their creative energy consumed itself with prurient interests laying the pivotal step to society dissolution.  Click here to learn more

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AFA of Indiana now has a daily (M-F) news minute available to radio stations across Indiana.  The AFA News Minute is an Indiana-specific, time-sensitive news item featuring the talent of Bob Ditmer, former head of Focus on the Family’s Family News in Focus.   These quality broadcasts are available to radio stations willing to air them daily like a PSA.  The AFA News Minute is currently airing on several Christian, talk and a country music format stations.   You can help us get these airing on more stations by your contacting your favorite radio station about the availability of these new daily minutes, and your financial support of the American Family Association of Indiana.

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There is a lot of talk about America’s economic deficit and budget problems.  Much of that talk has centered at times around making the richest 2% pay their fair share. Why not tax the wealthiest 5% or 10% among us to fix some  of our budget problems?    A writer for the Wall Street Journal crunched some numbers for higher taxes on the wealthiest Americans and found some interesting results. 
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