Late last month Michigan, with overwhelming bipartisan support in the Senate (35-2) and House (88-18) approved precisely the type of anti-bullying bill to which AFA-Michigan has repeatedly stated it has no objection: an all-inclusive bill that equally protects allstudents from all bullying for all reasons, without segregating students into special “protected class” categories based on behavior.

Gary recently went on WCAR Detroit Radio’s “Bonds and Fisher Show” where the hosts were flabbergasted to hear the truth about Michigan’s new anti-bullying law.  Gary relentlessly explains an issue on which the state’s news media has for years repeatedly failed to simply report the facts.

This is an outstanding explaination of why Bullying Laws must be crafted carefully in order to protect ALL students equally.

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Kokomo radio talk show host, and One News Now columnist Peter Heck picked up on this recent story from the New York Times.  It is not what you may think.  Many gender stories involve people with a gender identity disorder or homosexual activists trying to remold society.  This story, and Peter Heck’s commentary, reminds us that that there has been a cultural war against gender that should concern and worry parents.  For years liberal social engineers have attacked our God-given gender differences rather than see and appreciate their unique importance. First it was a battle for a genderless military, then genderless marriage and now genderless sports.

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If you think that late night television is merely entertainment for insomniacs, you may want to reconsider how the liberal establishment is using this medium in the political and cultural war.  Columnist Ben Shapiro takes a look at the recent attack against presidential hopeful Rep. Michelle Bachman on the Jimmy Fallon Show as an opportunity to examine the agenda of the late night shows.

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