Many Presidents have encountered critics who claim that they are skirting, ignoring or tearing up the Constitution to one degree or another in order to achieve their goals or implement their policies.  President Obama is certainly no different.  Here is an article which appeared in the Washington Times listing numerous Constitutional concerns of the Obama Presidency for your consideration.

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CoEd Dorm

Is it time to admit that the experiment with co-ed college dormitories has failed?   Does the very concept of such potentially problematic living arrangements in an era of moral confusion seem to contradict basic common sense, or do we need social science research to convince us?   Author and columnist Maggie Gallagher takes a look at this issue and the recent decision by a prominent university to return to single sex dorms.



Historically, what happens when hyper-individualism combines with moral decay in a society? Sadly, the answer is almost always the same. Although this is extremely relevant today, it is not a new question.  The founder of the Sociology Department for Harvard University is but one of the scholars and anthropologists who have looked into the rise and fall of some 80 societies repeatedly finding that their creative energy consumed itself with prurient interests laying the pivotal step to society dissolution.  Click here to learn more