A lone sentence or two in the first presidential debate has raised an old question surrounding the wisdom of taxpayer dollars being used to support public television programs like Sesame Street.      Are childhood favorites Grover, Elmo and the Count in danger of being taken off the air?  In light of the fact that many parents struggle to find good educational programing for their children, should we be concerned at this?  Televison and movie critic Michael Medved looks at the issue and some of the facts verses political rhetoric surrounding talk of “targeting Big Bird.”


We have posted many research articles on this web site about the importance of strong families to society.  We have also posted research articles that reveal the importance of faith and religiosity to a strong society.  Here is a brief of research findings showing the link between both strong faith and strong families, which in turn make for strong neighborhoods, cities, states and our nation from the Heritage Foundation.    For example, families with strong religious faith who regularly attend church services have lower rates of domestic violence, less marital disruption and better inter-family relationships than the non-religious.   Take a look at the findings showing the benefits of faith for families here:  http://www.familyfacts.org/briefs/33/religious-practice-and-family-stability

The Bible and religious faith are often discussed or referenced when social issues come up in the political arena.  What about other issues?  Does the Bible give guidance for such matters?  Is there a Biblically-based argument that can be made for small government, low taxes and fiscal concerns?   This article takes a look at this question:   http://tinyurl.com/8bkx43n