From the January 2012, Indiana Family Voice, AFA-IN Newsletter

“Does pornography cause crime?” Our answer may surprise you. The research is somewhat mixed.  Many studies say “yes,” some (often funded by pro-porn organizations) say “no.”

What the research does show is that pornography usage changes people’s attitudes about sex, for the worse. It is a dangerous subtle addiction from the start, but one whose worst side effects are a progression into which not all users immediately fall.  Yet, nearly all child molestors use pornography regularly and extremely high percentages of convicted rapists used porn prior to their crime. Read More →


From the start of his administration, President George W. Bush attempted to encourage faith in the public square. They tried to welcome the positive, well documented roles religious entities play in terms of public charity, non-profit work, welfare ministry and these entities’ overall public good.  Whether that effort succeeded as originally envisioned before the 9/11 attack affected the administration’s goals is certainly debatable.  In stark contrast, the Obama administration is actively moving to harm the liberty and freedoms of private schools, hospitals, religious charities and non-profits.  Should the government now determine what constitutes religious freedom, religious belief or behavior?  Should this administration, (at a time when private charity is so vitally in demand) work against these longstanding 1st Amendment protections and harm these entities?   The Capitol Research Center has a policy paper which should concern pastors, private school boards, hospital administrators and non-profit leaders everywhere as more and more of their peers wind up in court fighting for the freedoms they always assumed they had, and would keep in America.



Christmas has passed, but it gives us time now to look back at the season and wonder, how did we fall this far from our founding heritage?  What does it say about America today when the traditions and values held by so many people, perhaps majorities, are under attack.   Whose country is it anyway?


Read more here: http://townhall.com/columnists/patbuchanan/2011/12/27/whose_country_is_it_anyway/page/full/