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AFA of Indiana now has a daily (M-F) news minute available to radio stations across Indiana.  The AFA News Minute is an Indiana-specific, time-sensitive news item featuring the talent of Bob Ditmer, former head of Focus on the Family’s Family News in Focus.   These quality broadcasts are available to radio stations willing to air them daily like a PSA.  The AFA News Minute is currently airing on several Christian, talk and a country music format stations.   You can help us get these airing on more stations by your contacting your favorite radio station about the availability of these new daily minutes, and your financial support of the American Family Association of Indiana.

AFA News Minute 070111

There is a lot of talk about America’s economic deficit and budget problems.  Much of that talk has centered at times around making the richest 2% pay their fair share. Why not tax the wealthiest 5% or 10% among us to fix some  of our budget problems?    A writer for the Wall Street Journal crunched some numbers for higher taxes on the wealthiest Americans and found some interesting results. 
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When the 1960’s animated TV show “The Flintstones” closed their famous title song, the line was, “we’ll have a gay ol time.”   Little did Americans know how different that line would sound so soon thereafter.  If the martian Gazoo, from that show’s last few seasons were to reappear today to observe America and pop culture, how “gay” would he think America has become, in spite of the actual realities the media largely ignores?  Click Here to Read Article

Are Dads Important?

Searching for a father’s day card may have given you the impression that most dad’s are little more than beer guzzling, TV remote hogging bumbling buffoons, much like cartoon figure Homer Simpson.  Yet, the social research shows that husbands and fathers are very essential to a healthy society.   The following is a reprint of AFA of Indiana’s weekly email written in response to a new Pew Center report finding that almost half of all fathers now have a child outside of marriage. Click Here to Learn More

Greg Garrison

On Memorial Day 2011, AFA of Indiana’ Director, Micah Clark was a guest on the Greg Garrison radio show which reaches most of central Indiana on WIBC, FM 93.1.

The purpose of the show was to promote the Indiana Home School Convention.  The first half hour segment is an interview with a home schooling parent and a home educated adult.  The second half hour was AFAIN’s Micah Clark discussing education options for parents and social issues in state policy.  Click here to hear those two audio segments.

Micah Clark on Garrison Show  Homeschooling Discussion on Garrison Show

William and Kate

Have you ever seen any of those black and white billboards with an alleged message from God?   How about the one that says. “Great Wedding, Invite me to the marriage. – God”?   Millions of Hoosiers watched the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.  The historic ceremony was a remarkable event of the highest caliber from the trees in Westminster Abbey, to the wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses to outstanding music and on and on.   Yet, what about William and Kate’s marriage itself?   Can it (or any other new) survive?   The Ruth Institute asked its experts. Here is what they said of the royal couple, advice from which we can all learn.  Click Here to Read Article

Young Man

There is something cultural happening to young adults today, and it is most pronounced among men growing up in this post-feminist, easy cohabitation, metro-sexual, bi-sexual, Oprah Winfrey, X-Box era.  (Oh where, oh where have you gone, John Wayne and Gary Cooper?)

In 1960 nearly 70% of men age 30 had left home, gotten married pursued an education or found a career passing key milestones into manhood. Today, that stat has flipped.  Nearly 70% of 20-something men are failing to meet that mark by age 30.

Though course, and secular, this interesting Newsweek article takes a frank look at this problem and admits that there were benefits to those milestones which today’s society so often shuns, yet still needs out of the American male.  Click Here to Read Article

Bride and Groom

The fight for traditional marriage is a fight for a popular institution that the nation urgently needs to preserve. Americans stand by marriage with good reason. Marriage is a pre-political institution based on the cooperation of the two sexes. Marriage is the very definition of a “popular” institution—it is the one that makes a populace. The goods that marriage uniquely delivers merit it unique protection. Marriage captivates and orients the most elemental of human passions and orders them to something beyond the self. Additionally, marriage recognizes that children fare best when they are raised by their biological mothers and fathers.  Click Here to Read Article

School House

Every few years in Indiana there is an attempt to revive full-day kindergarten. The ritual has begun this time around well in advance of the 2007 legislature.

Reading the media accounts or listening to certain officials, one might not know that there really is another side to this debate. Contrary to what has been asserted, the assumptions that full-day kindergarten will help Indiana move ahead in educational achievement are based upon very flimsy and even contradictory research.

The most comprehensive study of this issue is the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics. The study tracked 22,782 students in 1,277 schools who entered kindergarten in 1998. The 2004 report found an effect from all-day kindergarten, but not one that supporters are likely to cite. “In terms of kindergarten program type (i.e., all day or part day), there is little meaningful difference in the level of children’s end-of-year reading and mathematics knowledge and skills.” Read More →

There has been a lot of state and local discussion about your tax dollars going to Planned Parenthood, which is the nation’s largest abortion provider. Here is a quick look at the numbers and some financial facts about Planned Parenthood which you may not hear or read anywhere else in the media. Parenthod FctSht.pdf

Before a Gap Can be Bridged, It Must be Understood

By Micah Clark  – Taken from Indiana Family Voice, January 2011 – AFA of Indiana’s newsletter

This is food for thought. It is not an article asking for an end to partisan bickering by asking “why can’t we all just get along?”

  Short of a life-changing spiritual revival, there simply is no middle ground to be found between AFA of Indiana and those who profit from abortion, those who promote homosexual sodomy, or those who pollute society with pornography.  If you ever hear of AFA working with Planned Parenthood, you should call us immediately to ask if we have compromised our principles.

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The Indiana State Senate will soon be taking up the Marriage Amendment.  As we move towards this important vote we wanted to share with you an interview that took place a year ago on WIBC’s Garrison with Institute for Marriage and Public Policy President Maggie Gallagher and AFA of Indiana’s Micah Clark.

Micah Clark and Maggie Gallagher on Garrison


Published on December 13, 2010 by Chuck Donovan

Britain’s Prince William and his betrothed, Kate Middleton, will marry next April at Westminster Abbey. People around the world will tune in to a rite as old as spring itself. Lovers of Shakespeare note parallels with “Henry V,” the Bard’s great history play: How the young prince served his nation in arms overseas.

And how the name of his beloved (though she is not at all French) is Kate. Shakespeare’s wooing Harry pleads with the demure Kate, daughter of the French king, for a kiss. Things were a bit different then. Harry must persuade the princess that such a liberty is appropriate, not cheap display. “We are the makers of manners, Kate,” he tells her.

But if ever there were a time when the manners of a nation’s royalty, in wealth if not lineage, shaped those of the people, that time is not now.

Not here in the United States, where a report from the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia finds that marriage is disappearing in Middle America.

A shocking “marriage gap” has opened between the broad middle and the upper crust since the early 1970s, project director W. Bradford Wilcox writes in the study, “When Marriage Disappears.” Wilcox found that Americans with a high school education but no college degree are more likely to become single parents and, if married, less likely to be “very happy” and more likely to divorce. Using survey data and correlating earnings with education levels, he concludes marital indicators are improving for better-off Americans and declining, sometimes sharply, for those of moderate means. <Read More>

Micah Clark

AFA of Indiana’s Micah Clark quoted in WRTV 6 News Report on Child Care Regulations Bill before Statehouse

Legislation aimed at tightening regulations at Indiana child care facilities is reigniting the debate about the separation of church and state and AFA of Indiana’s Micah Clark was featured in WRTV 6 News Story on the debate.

“These bills make the mistake of assuming parents do not have the ability or the desire… to choose a safe setting for their own child,” said Micah Clark with the American Family Association of Indiana.

Read the entire story and watch the video by clicking here.

Top-Ranked Senior Says He Shouldn’t Be Forced To Pray

GREENWOOD, Ind. — The American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana will seek an injunction to stop a prayer planned at the Greenwood High School graduation ceremony as part of a lawsuit filed by a top-ranked senior.

The suit by 18-year-old Eric Workman said the prayer and a vote taken by students at a school assembly in September unconstitutionally subjects religious practice to majority rule, 6News’ Rafael Sanchez reported. Read More →

(Indianapolis – Tuesday, January 13, 2009) A front page story in the state’s largest newspaper over the weekend, has homosexual activists complaining that there are not enough “hate crimes” being reported by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Indiana Equality, a homosexual activist organization, has questioned the integrity and knowledge of the Indianapolis Police Department because only one hate crime was reported in Indianapolis last year. (In 2007 there were ten incidents.) As proof,the Indianapolis Star notes that while this number is consistent with many similar sized cities, Columbus, Ohio had 94 incidents and Milwaukee, Wisconsin had 26 incidents. Indiana Equality is a leading advocate for the passage of hate crimes laws in Indiana.

“On the one hand the supporters of this controversial bill complain that we have too few incidents of the crime for which they want legislation and yet on the other hand, it is obvious from their examples that hate crimes laws are a lousy deterrent. Comparable-sized cities in states with the kind of hate crime laws these activists want here have 250 to 900 percent more of those crimes. That’s not a very good reason for our legislature to pass a controversial and unecessary bill,” noted Micah Clark, Executive Director of the American Family Association of Indiana.

“It seems obvious that the numbers of hate crimes in Indianapolis are lower than those promoting hate crime legislation had expected in anticipation of pushing their political agenda. So they are blaming the police department for too few crimes,” said Clark.

There is no evidence that prosecutors and law enforcement officials are not punishing criminals for hate crime incidents in Indiana. Arguments that hate crimes statutes are needed as a deterrent to such crimes are discredited by the Indianapolis Star’s report comparing Indianapolis to cities in states with hate crime laws in place.

AFA of Indiana believes that “bias crimes” or “hate crimes” legislation filed in the Indiana legislature creates second class victims by requiring different sentences based upon the sexual behavior of certain victims. AFA supports equal justice under the law for all victims and believes that prosecutors already have the tools they need to prosecute crime.