Is “The Circle” the most conservative movie of 2017?

Make no mistake: “The Circle” is not a great movie by any means.

However, it is a movie I would highly recommend that every American see. Although we’re not even halfway through 2017, it’s hard to believe Hollywood will release a more conservative movie this year.

I have not seen a contemporary film that does a better job of deconstructing the fake utopian schemes of progressivism. I only doubt whether that was the movie’s actual purpose … or the filmmakers couldn’t help but subconsciously go there, given the subject matter. – Read More

Trick or Tweak? Both Sides Pan North Carolina HB 2 Deal


If the goal of compromise is to ensure that nobody’s happy, then North Carolina is succeeding! With the NCAA’s ultimatum to repeal HB 2 just hours away, the state flew into action today to try to appease the NCAA, which has become a puppet of the radical Left. Read More

Silencing Speech, Indiana’s Next Move?


Legislator’s Criminal Penalties Bill Points to Religious Speech as an Example

      There is a line in the western movie Open Range, in which actor Robert Duvall says to Kevin Costner something like, “if you listen to a man, he will tell you his true intentions.”   The intentions revealed in a recent news story should have sent shock waves throughout Indiana for those who cherish the First Amendment freedoms of speech and religion. 

     The September 25th WISH TV story was titled, “Transgendered woman harassed, seeks changes in state law.”  It concerned a biological male living as a woman in the Speedway area of Indianapolis.  

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