An Update on Hate Crimes that You Won’t Get from Fake News

As you know either from my email last night or the media freak out, the Indiana Senate put policy above rhetoric and amended Senate Bill 12 to include everyone in our hate / bias crime laws.   Rather than limit a judge’s ability to extend a sentence in such a crime to a list of politically favored victim categories, the Senate affirmed a 2005 state Supreme Court ruling giving judges … Read More

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Wisdom from Lincoln on His Birthday

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Indiana State House Update – February 8, 2019

State House Update
AFA of Indiana Executive Director Micah Clark gives us an Indiana State House Update. 
Topics include: House Pro Life Legislation and so called Hate/Bias Crimes Bills.
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The Battle over an Unnecessary Hate Crime Bill Pivots to the State Senate

IN State House 2

Indiana has been in the middle of a liberal smear campaign for allegedly not having a “hate” or “bias” crime law.   Don’t let the media or liberal special interests drive our public policy.  Contact your State Senator and tell him that a “hate crime” bill is not needed. 

For more than a decade Indiana judges have had the ability to Read More

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The Abortion Battle May Intensify in the Midwest

There was a very interesting news story on Friday.  It was an announcement from the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.  In what they are calling “a first of its kind consolidation” the abortion giant is shifting resources from coastal states and Hawaii to their Indiana/Kentucky affiliate due to the court and legislative battles occurring here.  

In other words, Planned Parenthood affiliates in Idaho, Alaska and Washington are sending millions of dollars … Read More

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