Good News Overlooked in all the Media Hysteria

There have been a whole lot of news distractions since President Trump took office.  Some of them he brought upon himself, but most are ploys of the liberal media and part of the far left’s agenda to cripple his presidency.

Daily media obsessions with things like Russia have hidden a very positive result of the Trump election.   In his first 200 days, President Trump has nominated 44 federal judges including Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. Trump has nominated 11 people to circuit courts and 23 to district courts.

Here’s the big news. Trump has roughly twice as many vacancies to fill as Obama had in this same time. He has 105 judicial vacancies. Obama had 54.  Plus, in the last six months, 33 judges have left the bench, meaning that Trump has 138 vacancies to fill.

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For Whom the Road Tolls . . . It Tolls for Thee

 If you thought that one of the largest tax hikes in Indiana history was enough to satisfy hungry politicians, think again. Not only did the Republican supermajority include future automatic gas take hikes without another vote, they also opened the door to toll roads.

The Indiana Department of Transportation is taking RFP’s (request for proposal) from companies wishing to set up toll roads on Indiana interstates.   This is occurring right after drivers have been socked with a 10-cent per gallon tax hike to “fix” roads and fund a whole wish lists of new road ideas.

Political mailings have already started that brag about how many road miles will be paved. New signs are appearing near construction areas self-applauding our “Next Level Roads.”   It reminds me of what economist Walter Williams once said when he lamented,  “At least when a mugger takes my hard earned money, he doesn’t hang around like a politician does telling me all the great things he’s going to do with it.”

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What Tax Reform Should Mean for Families

There is a lot of talk of tax reform now.  I am concerned that what most elected Republicans in Washington want in tax reform has a lot more to do with big business than it does average Hoosiers.  I believe that repealing and replacing Obamacare may have had more of an economic benefit for many average families than whatever this US House and Senate might come up with in terms of tax reform.

I hope I am wrong in that cynicism.  I understand that improving the economy through tax reform helps families, but I hope there is some tax reform targeted directly toward reducing the burden on families.

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