This weekend Republican leaders will gather for their state party convention in Evansville.  What could have been a rallying point for the November election has been marred by a divisive policy blunder.  Members of the platform committee have rewritten two broad-based sentences on the importance of families.  In so doing, they intentionally cut “marriage” out of this language.

This liberal move is a far cry from the national GOP platform, which has two pages of language explaining why marriage matters in society.   In response to criticism, some say that the new language is “inclusive.”  However, Indiana has the 15th highest marriage rate in the nation.  With over 52% of all households led by marrieds, what is inclusive about excluding half the homes in the state?

Others say that “marriage is not important” and just a word.  Is marriage just a word?  Are all living arrangements essentially the same as some party leaders now claim?  Does marriage matter? Read More →

Trump personally receiving Americans' prayers

Even though most Americans might believe that President Donald Trump is far too busy to read a note from them, one Christian’s story may work to change their minds.

Few people know that the president takes time every day in the Oval Office to pray – a fact that Tracy Bost found out in an amazing way.

Shortly after the 2016 presidential election Bost went to a conference that the newly elected president was attending.

“There was so much chaos outside the retreat center where the president was – the newly elected president,” the devoted Christian shared. “There were 600 rioters, and it was just awful.”

Then a thought occurred to her.

“We prayed as Christians that God would change the election, that God would open up a door for someone else to be elected – someone that He chose above all else,” Bost recounted. Read More →

Evangelical leaders: Trump is generation's most 'faith-friendly pres.'

Most recently, evangelical leader Paula White – who serves as a member of the advisory board on the White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative, which is being established by Trump’s new executive order – described the president as America’s greatest champion of Christianity and religious freedom in modern history.

“He is the most – as many people have said – the most faith-friendly president that they have known in their lifetime,” White told CBN News. “We had over 1,800 faith leaders come through the White House alone. I believe this year we will double or triple that, so he continues to reach out first and foremost in prayer.”

“I will soon be signing an executive order to create a faith initiative at the White House,” Trump announced, according to CBN News. “The faith initiative will help design new policies that recognize the vital role of faith in our families, our communities and our great country.” […]

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