The Christians Strike Back

Hand on Bible

Want to pass along a powerful national article which highlights the work of the AFA of Indiana.  It praises the bold actions we have taken in standing up for the Rights of Conscience and Religious Freedom. This is occurring through our lawsuit against the state and several city ordinances that can punish people for their peaceably held beliefs.

Every Hoosier should be free to live and work according to their faith without fear of unjust punishment from the government.  The ordinances that we are challenging in court can force people who willingly serve everyone to promote messaged and participate in events that conflict with their beliefs. –Read Article

Rediscovering wisdom of Founding Fathers


While growing number of states are realizing the importance of teaching high school students the nation’s founding documents after schools have ignored them for years, unfortunately our Indiana Legislature has been unwilling to see the wisdom so obvious to other states as our Civics Bill once again was shelved in 2017!

Kentucky and Arkansas have become the latest of more than a dozen states requiring high school social studies curricula to include material covered by the 100 questions asked on the naturalization exam, which includes questions about U.S. history, civics, and government. – Read More

The Left’s War on Free Speech

No Free Speech

“In the weeks following the Citizens United ruling, the Left settled on a new strategy. If it could no longer use speech laws against its opponents,  it would do the next best thing—it would threaten, harass, and intimidate its opponents out of participation. It would send a message: conservatives choosing to exercise their constitutional rights will pay a political and personal price.” – Read More